Volcano Hybrid Review

The Volcano desktop vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers you will find in the market. It is loved by many of the vaporizer aficionados. This desktop vaporizer is a beast of a machine. As the name suggests it spews lava-like clouds at you and makes our vaping experience the best ever.

For the finest quality of the vapor, this vaporizer uses a convection and conduction system. Taking the vapor quality up by a mile. The digital temperature controls on the device are fun to use and easy to understand.

It’s a hefty device and gives the pristine and fancy look that you want from it. All these and many more features make it one of the best desktop vaporizers in the market.

Volcano Hybrid Review

Price tag:

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room, yes this beast of a device costs $700. However, after you buy this device you will not have to buy another one as the volcano desktop hybrid vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers in the market.

The only way you could end up buying a new one is if you need a portable one. As this dynamic beast volcano vaporizer is not suitable as a portable device.

But, do keep in mind that the Volcano hybrid desktop vaporizer comes with all the accessories mentioned above along with a dual vaping mechanism.

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Built Materials:

When buying a device from Storz & Bickel you know that you will get the best quality materials. The stainless steel exterior is classy and stylish while the interior of the Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer is made of medically graded material.

The stainless steel exterior is rust-resistant and durable while being reliable and stylish. The screen on the exterior helps keep a track of the stats and adds an impressive feature.

Storz and Bickel don’t hold back when it comes to testing the product and use only the most top-quality materials even for the accessories.

The accessories are also made with medical-grade quality material that ensures that you can use them efficiently by yourself or in group sessions. It is able to meet any kind of demand.


Along with having long extended solo vaping sessions. This device provides extended group sessions as well and that is one feature that not many other devices in the market are able to offer.

The vapor remains dense or light depending upon the temperature settings and in a solo session light vaping can be enjoyed.

All you need to do is set it up on the table, load the herb and wait for it to heat up and then you are ready to go. The heat-up time for Volcano is 2 minutes and it weighs around 3 kilograms.

Not the best for portability and carrying around in the middle of a session. Hence set it down on the table either for a solo session or a group session.

Hybrid Function:

Thie desktop vaporizer, the Volcano hybrid offers two ways for vaping. Both the methods implement the same rules. You start by loading the herb in the chamber and start the heating process by pressing the button. Wait for the vapor to heat.

Now, this is where the two distinctive methods come in:

  1. Balloon: the balloon method is very simple and similar to its predecessor. Cook the herb and add the balloon extension to the vaporizer. Once the extension is installed you can now turn on the air and let the balloon fill up with vapor. And that’s all.
  2. Whip: the whip extension is a great one and welcomed by many vape lovers. In this method, you need to simply attach the whip extension to the vaporizer and enjoy direct puffs without the airbag.

Both methods provide the same vapor quality, however, when using a vapor bag the chances of slight leakage are there. This issue is not faced in the manual–whip method that allows the users to directly draw whenever needed.

Also, note that utilizing the whip method also ensures that you do not have to hit the air button and can draw when needed. It also saves battery life as the air fan does not have to run constantly to offer a consistent flow of air.

The new addition Whip:

The whip is the new addition to the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer. The fascinating whip adds a new flavor to your vaping experience as it swivels on the top and can be passed around for a group session easily. The whip itself throws delicious vapor and meets your hit expectations perfectly.

The whip is made with silicon tubing with a perfect length that assists in providing a cool and flavorsome vapor. The airflow from the whip is smooth and there is an option to increase the hit by turning on the fan feature. The whip is smooth and turns easily without kinks and without being stiff.


The heating time of a vaporizer is a messy subject to address for any given vaporizer. However, the Volcano Hybrid takes 2 minutes to heat up which is quite impressive. The bag fills in 30 seconds with high-quality vapor. The heating speed is due to the redesigned heat exchanger.

All thanks to the dual heating method, convection, and conduction system. Storz & Bickel have a thorough research department and test all their materials perfectly before release.

An additional metal ring facilitates heating the loading chamber and the herb is preheated to provide the best vapor using the conduction system. It also may take some time to build up smoke in the main loading chamber.

This can be slightly problematic for some people as they want to quickly draw on the vapor. However, the ability of this vaporizer to remain consistent and produce high-quality vapor every time is what makes it the best for both solo and group sessions.

Smartphone Application:

The smartphone app introduced by Storz & Bickel is amazing as it features two new settings the iterations and the workflows – which will be discussed below. The app is compatible with all volcano vaporizers and works well for both. The app contains many features that allow you to set the temperature, alert settings, shut-off timers, and much more. It’s an all-inclusive application that lets you customize your sessions according to your needs perfectly.

The workflow option is a new feature introduced in the smartphone application. The Volcano hybrid vaporizer further provides the Workflow option. The workflow option allows the following options and adjustments to the temperature:

  • You have the option to preheat the hybrid at a preset time and preset temperature
  • The duration of the temperature can be preset as well so that the hybrid holds the temperature for a preset time
  • The time for the blow from the fan can also be predetermined
  • You can follow the above-mentioned steps for all different temperatures.

To understand the process better let’s take an example. For instance, you can set the base temperature at 350 degrees. Once the temperature is reached the volcano hybrid will hold the set temperature for 2 minutes and blow the air in the bag for 20 to 30 seconds.

After that, the temperature gets bumped up to 380 degrees Celsius and the holding time is 20 seconds and the fan blow time is fifteen seconds.

This is why the Volcano Hybrid is the best device for group or solo sessions. Allowing you can set the timer for everything as per your own need.


The iterations are another new feature added to the volcano hybrid’s smartphone app. This allows you to set all the timers and the temperature settings as per your need. Once you have set the timers to your desired settings the last step is to hit the play button.

Once the play button is hit, you can sit back and relax as the volcano hybrid will keep increasing the temperature settings during the entire session. You can set the temperature to be raised by 10 degrees Fahrenheit increments during the session. And you will not have to manually increase the temperature on the volcano hybrid.

Temperature settings:

The temperature range on the hybrid volcano is from 40 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius. The temperature buttons on the control panel on the Volcano along with the application help you set the temperature to your liking.

Auto Shut-off:

The volcano hybrid shuts off after 30 minutes of no use. This feature comes in handy in ensuring that your herbs do not get wasted. However, there are other devices in the market that shut off in 5 to 10 minutes of no use.

Regardless this feature adds ease of use for the consumer while ensuring that the herb does not get wasted.

Display and control panel:

The Volcano hybrid features an LCD screen display with a control panel on top of the device. The temperatures are mentioned in bright colors and the panel consists of plus and minus buttons on either side to increase or decrease the temperature to your liking.

Cleaning of the device:

Cleaning the Volcano Hybrid is not difficult if you use dosing capsules. We would recommend investing in some dosing capsules to decrease the cleaning process. If you are not using dosing capsules then you need to clean the screens after every two-three sessions for the best vapor quality.

Thankfully, the vaporizer comes with a cleaning brush that makes cleaning the screens much easier. For metals and plastic elements, the cleaning can be done by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol after a couple of sessions. This will increase the life of the device and will provide the highest quality vapor every time.

The balloon cannot be cleaned and has to be replaced after it gets dirty, opaque, and brittle. The whip however can be cleaned. All you need to do is dip it in clean hot water and let it sit for a couple of hours.


The Volcano comes with a 3-year warranty, which is ample time to check for any defects or issues in the device. For all manufacturing defaults, you can easily rely on the 3 tear company warranty.

Should You Buy Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer?

The Volcano hybrid is an amazing desktop vaporizer that caters to the needs of all users. It has a smartphone app and Bluetooth compatibility and multiple ways to tailor your sessions according to your needs. The whip, iterations, and workflow add versatility that no other vaporizer in the market offers. The temperature settings are amazing and the whole device is a treat to use.

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