Stundenglass Review

Stylish yet super functional, using an amazing water displacement technology to produce high-quality vapor. This device is here to outshine all the hookahs and vaporizers.

No electricity or battery is required as this device operates using water displacement and gravity. Yes, you heard it right gravity.

You may remember Seth Rogan’s viral video of where he is hitting the Stundenglass. Well, the device we are addressing today is a much better and much more intuitive version of that device. It is in fact one of the latest and classiest hookahs you will find in the market.

The Stundenglass is made with high-quality materials not only on the inside but the outside as well. The device even has a stylish look that makes you want to keep it sitting on the center table as it looks pretty awesome.

The maker of this device is a former employee of Apple, now all of what we spoke about the design makes sense, doesn’t it? Because we all know that Apple has the sleekest, most innovative, and most creative designs. This device also incorporates all these elements in it.

Now, let’s jump into the review and see what it has to offer.

Stundenglass Gravity Bong| Infuser | Hookah Review


The mechanics of the Stundenglass are just mind-blowing. All you need to do is fill one of the glass globes with water and screw it on the device. As you flip the glass globes 180 degrees, the glass globe gets fills with water slowly creating a vacuum using the hourglass mechanics.

The vacuum sucks in the air from the bowl. The bowl can contain anything you like and we shall elaborate on the bowl later in this review but for now, let’s just be amazed by the 360-degree rotation of the device. It is also designed so elegantly and has finesse and class to it.

Triple threat:

The Stundenglass is compatible with all three types of herbs and you can enjoy all of them with this device. It serves the purpose of consumption as hookah for the consumption of green herbs and concentrates as well.

It’s an all-rounder and serves all these with the best vapor. The attachments that come with the package accommodate all of the three types of consumption formats and make it super easy to use for all consumers.

Ease of use:

There is nothing in the market that is as easy to use as this Stundenglass gravity hookah is. You can place it on the table in a group session and have a blast with your friends. The best part is that it can be used by anyone at all. From newbies to long-time veterans, everyone can get the hang of it pretty quickly and easily.

The hourglass design is super easy to understand while the attachments and the manual provided will make it furthermore easier to pick up the process quickly.

Mouthpiece Variations:

The mouthpiece doesn’t have to be touched by your lips to inhale the vapor. All you need to do is rotate the glass globes, place your mouth near the mouthpiece, and take in the stream of vapor that spews out of the mouthpiece.

There is a 3-foot-long hose attachment available with the device. The mouthpiece on the 3-foot-long hose is glass, and the whole hose is made of high-quality silicone.

Electricity and battery-free devices:

Believe it or not, unlike all the other vaporizers on the market, this stylish gravity hookah bong is battery and electricity-free. This means there are no cables or batteries involved, and all the vapor is made with the help of water displacement. Just flip the globes and watch the mouthpiece rip the vapor out.

Easy Controls:

When looking at the device and its functionality it is automatically assumed that the whole device has to be rotated 180 degrees every time. And no one has that kind of inhalation capacity to draw such a long vapor. But this issue is easy to tackle by rotating it halfway.

If you want to take a break and take smaller draws you can simply bring it back to a 90-degree angle and the vapor stops being released from the mouthpiece as the gravity keeps the water stable and the vapor remains on the top of the globes evenly.

A play on physics:

Those of us who did not take physics are very fascinated by the magical experience of watching this bong work. The percolated water filtration that allows for the globe to be filled with vapor is magnificent. The device delivers great vapor and uses purely gravity to deliver such an amazing vapor.

Easy to clean:

Along with being a fascinating device, it is also really easy to clean. Both of the glass globes can be removed from the device and are dishwasher safe, being made with borosilicate material. The rest of the attachments are also very easy to clean. And you don’t need a lot of tools to do so. Despite that, the package does come with a cleaning tool kit.


In a time when we all meet each other keeping a safe distance and sharing a device with the same mouthpiece is not advisable. Hence, this device the Stundenglass actually resolves this problem as well and you can enjoy an extended session with your friends without making any contact with the mouthpiece.

Of course, if the hose is being used there will be contact. But the device does feature a contactless mouthpiece and that is the need of the hour.

Built quality:

The built quality, as already mentioned is supreme and you will be amazed by the materials used in this device. The device itself looks like such a premium-quality device that it can be used as a centerpiece on a table(just kidding). But the device is a very classy take on the OG Stundenglass and the latest version has definitely evolved a lot.

Flavor retention:

The flavor retention on this device is better than any bongs or vaporizers. Obviously, the mechanics of a two-way filtration system play a key role in making the vapor quality top-notch and ensuring that you get the best hits of this device.

The flavor retention is amazing as long as you manage to tilt the device enough that the vapor doesn’t get wasted. Either way, the bowls and other attachments for your flowers, concentrates, and green herb can all be consumed using the right attachment with the best flavor ever.


The packaging of this device is very safe and secure. Naturally, such a high-end product cannot be delivered in low-class packaging. The glass globes and the device are securely placed in the package, and the accessories are placed soundly to ensure that there are no breakages. It is also easy to pack it up if you plan on taking it with you for any travels or trips away.

Price tag:

This device costs $700. However, considering the quality of materials that have been used on this device and the kind of design it has. The price can be considered legitimate. As the device is very high quality and the vapor it produces is also very high quality.

The consumers get to enjoy a contactless group session and it acts as a fun decorative piece on your table. It further doesn’t use any electricity so you do not have to worry about charging the device.


  • Multipurpose use: usage for herbal smoke and infusing drinks
  • Smooth and excellent quality vapor without any electric charge involved
  • Carry case packs everything securely for travel
  • Stylish and sleek design for modern-day consumers.


  • Temperature cannot be set
  • Expensive device
  • Mouthpiece covers are not included

Should You Buy Stundenglass?

The Stundenglass Kompact is a perfect device and it will make a huge dent in your pocket but the fact is that it is a unique experience to have. And if you are a vaping enthusiast then this is a must-have device.

As it delivers more than it promises to. Yes, there are a  few downsides but in retrospect, the device is a beauty to have and one shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity of owning this wonderful device.

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