Pax Mini Review

Pax never ceases to amaze us with each new release. The Pax Mini stands out as a wonderfully built, premium pocket vaporizer compared to its rivals. The gadget can be used with dried herbs and has a minimalist, modern appearance.

If portability is a concern, you may rest assured knowing that the gadget can be held with one hand and tucked away in a pocket. This device has a long-lasting battery life, saving you the hassle of always plugging it into recharge.

This post will review some of its other features to help you decide whether to buy a Pax Mini.

PAX Mini Review

Brief detail of PAX Mini vaporizer:

The Pax Mini, as the name implies, is a little vaporizer that can only be used with dry herbs. The convenience of the device’s portability means that it may fit in any pocket. The fact that it can be concealed in the palm of your hand speaks to its diminutive size.

The Pax Mini oven can only fit 0.25 grams of the flower when used alone. However, it may not be the best option if you use it for several sessions with several people. The tiny magnetic USB charging station takes two hours to charge the device’s 3000mAh battery completely.

One charge of the battery will last for eight to ten sessions. The Pax Mini was made for users who don’t want to spend too much time fiddling with their settings and want to earn hits. Before you can load up the small oven and receive your hits, you’ll need to turn it on.

The gadget has one heat setting, so it may not be ideal for experienced smokers, but it works well for novices. In only 22 seconds, the herbs may be heated to the perfect temperature for producing hits free of impurities and full of flavor.


  • Use of a Conduction Heating System
  • Reduced in size
  • Portable
  • Includes a spare mouthpiece
  • Magnetic oven
  • The ease of usage
  • Super simple to clean
  • Includes a 2-year guarantee warranty


  • This unit is only for use with dried herbs.
  • The capacity of 0.25 grams
  • It can’t be used while charging.

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Single-use vaporizer

Because the Pax Mini is intended for dry herbs, you cannot use concentrates or extracts with this vaporizer. Therefore, the Pax Mini is not the right device for you if you are searching for a single device that can be used for dual purposes and is suitable for both dried herbs and concentrates.

A few other vaporizers on the market allow users to smoke concentrates in addition to dried herbs; however, these vaporizers come at a little greater cost. You can go with the Pax Plus, which has a price tag of $250 and is suitable for use with any of the materials above.

Heating mechanism

The herbs can be heated to perfection using the Pax Mini’s built-in conduction heating mechanism. You will not have to spend additional cash on external heating equipment like torches, lighters, or hemp wicks that risk burning you or anything around you.

When the fire directly interacts with the smoking substance, the result is usually a loss of taste caused by external heating mechanisms. When you switch on the Pax Mini by pushing the button on top, it will begin heating immediately and be ready to use in only 22 seconds because of its efficient heating mechanism.

Furthermore, the herbs may be heated reasonably without losing taste thanks to the Pax Mini’s single preset temperature. However, a single temperature may only fit certain smokers since others who smoke required high heat.


Even though the Pax Mini is a very little gadget, it comes with a rather technologically advanced battery. The device features a Lithium-ion battery with 3000 mAh that can be recharged in close to two hours and provides enough power for eight to ten hit sessions. In addition, the gadget comes with a magnetic USB charging port, which is used to charge the battery when it has to be replenished.


In comparison to vaporizers produced by other firms, Pax vaporizers almost universally have a space-saving design and are very portable because of their little size. However, the Pax Mini is the most portable of all Pax vaporizers while being the smallest overall. Because of its streamlined shape may be carried in any backpack’s side pocket or even in your pocket.

Simple usage

The Pax Mini can be controlled with a single button, and there are neither settings nor a menu available on the device. It functions more like a gadget with a plug-and-play capability, in which you load the herbs and switch on the device by hitting the power button. As soon as you switch on the Pax Mini, it immediately begins to heat up, and within only 22 seconds, it is ready for you to begin taking hits.

Quality of the vapor

Even while it is more compact and does not have as many options as the Pax Mini, this does not imply that it is not worthwhile to use. Vapors free of impurities and rich in taste may be produced using the gadget. It will not burn your herbs, which would otherwise spoil the flavor, and you will be able to appreciate every last piece of it.

However, it seems that the gadget was developed for beginner smokers who want vapors that are mild to moderate in strength. If you have been smoking for several years and are interested in producing vapor clouds that are creamier, smoother, and larger, then the Pax Mini is probably not the best option for you.

Is It appropriate, or what is the cost?

The Pax Mini, the most recent offering from the firm, may be purchased for a price of $150. Even if the gadget does not have a lot of capabilities, it is nevertheless capable of doing its duties. You may get the device by purchasing it from the Pax official website and placing an order there, or you can acquire it from any local vaping business.

Because the product has just been released, there is a possibility that the price will be adjusted during the next few months or the following year. The price of the item is somewhat more expensive when one considers the features that it has.

What method is best to clean Pax Mini?

Never skip cleaning your vaporizer, or its effectiveness may suffer. The 3D oven screen and mouthpiece of the Pax Mini are removable, making it simple to clean. Getting the oven ready for use again is as simple as clearing it out and wiping it out with a cotton swab.

Swabs or cotton buds soaked in isopropyl alcohol should be used. It’s recommended to use isopropyl alcohol and warm water to clean the parts thoroughly. Cleaning the equipment after each use is not only good maintenance but also prolongs the life of the product.

Method to use Pax Mini?

The Pax Mini has a relatively simple design, and its operation requires a single button press. You will not be required to go between different settings to configure the gadget before you use it.

To heat dried herbs, fill the oven with them, hit the power button, and wait for the oven to reach the desired temperature—this should take around 22 seconds. It is important to remember that the Pax Mini is only suitable for dry herbs; it cannot be used with concentrates or extracts.

Is it safe to use the Pax Mini even when it’s charging?

Due to the lack of support for pass-through charging, Pax Mini cannot be used when it is charging.

Is It Appropriate to Use the Pax Mini Device for group sessions?

Because its oven can only hold 0.25 grams of material, the Pax Mini is only appropriate for solo sessions.

Does the Pax Mini support concentrate smoking?

You cannot smoke concentrates with the Pax mini since it is not compatible with concentrates. The apparatus was developed specifically for use with dried plants.

Should Pax be packed tightly or loosely?

Because the heat will go around the bowl more easily, you should pack your Pax more densely so that the herbs can heat up more uniformly. You may pack the herbs more neatly and tightly by using the multi-tool to give them a little tap.

Is there an Installment plan available for the Pax Mini purchase?

Because Pax does not support Sezzle, it will not be possible for you to buy Pax items using the payment plan option on their official website. Nevertheless, there are other websites where you may make the purchase of the things in installments.


You can utilize the Pax Mini vaporizer, which has a sleek design, with any of the dry herbs that are some of your favorites. It is not compatible with concentrates, a limitation that might be considered a drawback of the gadget. In addition, it has a limited number of functions and just one temperature setting, which means that the temperature cannot be adjusted to suit your preferences. The gadget, on the whole, is suitable for beginners, and it is possible to appreciate a flavor between mild and moderate while using Pax Mini.

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