Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

Pax 3 has come out with a bang as one of the best vaporizers in the market. Pax is the brand that revolutionized the vaporizer market by introducing stylish and sleek vaporizers with excellent design aspects involved.

The vaporizer Pax 3 comes with a fabulous design and heating options that are still unmatched in the market. It even has a vibration feature that tells you when it is ready to vape. The heating speed and the ability to tailor your session with the help of the mobile application make it even more fun to use.

The exterior of this device is durable, and the interior is designed to provide high-quality vapor. This is the perfect on-the-go device as it’s easy to clean, and once you have filled the chamber, you can enjoy it on the go. Along with that, the battery life is impressive.

Now, enough preamble. Let’s jump into it and see how do all the features play a role in making Pax 3 perfect for you.

Pax 3 Vaporizer – Matte Silver Reviews

pax 3 vaporizer matte silver reviews

The Pax 3 is discreet and easy to carry around in your pocket or purse all day long. Its compact design makes it perfect for carrying it around all day long. Along with that, the Pax 3’s user experience is also a lot better than its predecessor, the Pax 2.

Pax 2 also offered similar features, but Pax 3 has amped up all those features and offers a lot more. The tall design ensures that the oven is far away from the mouthpiece, and the vapor actually passes through the chamber and cools down before reaching the mouthpiece.

Pax has become a renowned name for the high-quality vaporizers it produces, and Pax 3 falls in line perfectly. As it has all the features that one could ask for and more.

Complete Kit vs. Device only:

The Pax 3 comes in two bundle packages, and you can buy either one of them based on your style of vaping. The bundles are the “Complete Kit” and the “Basic Kit”.

Your “Basic Kit” includes all the necessary items like the device, flat and raised mouthpieces, and other necessary items such as the charger and the cleaning kit.

Now, if you choose to opt for the “Complete Kit,” you get much more than just the device and cleaning utensils. The price difference for both is not bad compared to the offerings in both kits. The complete kit retails at $249, and the basic kit retails at $199.

Keeping in mind all the accessories that come in the complete kit, the price is perfect. The accessories are worth $100. So, if you want all the good stuff, you should opt for the complete kit.

Temperature Settings:

The temperature settings on this device are very impressive. Four settings can be implemented, starting from 360 degrees Fahrenheit to 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature settings are fun to tweak using the smartphone app that allows you to preset the heat increment throughout the session, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The most amazing feature of Pax 3 is that once you set it down, it detects no use in 30 seconds and decreases the temperature. Still, once you pick it up and put your lip on the mouthpiece, the temperature is amped up to your desired setting, and to be honest, you won’t even feel the difference.

Vapor Quality:

The first two temperature settings, 360 degrees Fahrenheit and 380 degrees Fahrenheit produce light vapor. Meanwhile, the highest settings, which are 400 degrees Fahrenheit and 420 degrees Fahrenheit, produce a dense and heavy vapor that meets the taste buds and satisfies the user perfectly.

Smart herb oven cooker:

You will love this feature that the Pax 3, instead of the oven constantly cooking the herb, actually stops heating and preserves the flavor and battery of the device. This is done using a sensor that is a lip-sensing technology that allows the vaporizer to know when the lip is placed on the mouthpiece.

This sensor helps preserve the battery and the herb, as other conduction ovens keep on cooking the herb even when you are not using it. This technology senses the lip on the mouthpiece, amps up the temperature, and produces great-quality vapor.

Auto shut off:

Yes, the Pax 3 comes with an auto shut-off; this device is extremely intuitive. If it detects no use in 3 minutes, it automatically shuts off. Unlike other vaporizers, you do not have to adapt your session according to the timer of the vaporizer; instead, Pax 3’s intuitive settings allow you to time your sessions as per your need, and the Pax 3 adapts to your sessions. Now, how cool is that?

Battery life:

The Pax 3 vaporizer comes with an 18650, 3500 mAh battery. With intuitive shut-off and conservation of the battery, the vaporizer is able to average a usage time of around 90 minutes. The time is hard to calculate with this device due to its intuitive settings, but the fact is that it comes with a 3500 mAh battery that shows that it will last longer than other vaporizers on the market.

Once it runs out of juice, you can charge it using the charging dock that comes with the package. Using the charging dock, it takes the Pax 3 90 minutes to reach a full charge. Yes, we know 90 minutes is long, but the number of sessions you can have with the 90-minute charge is phenomenal.

Vapor passage:

The vapor quality is impeccable, but you do have to wait for 30 seconds to get the best quality vapors. 30 seconds heating time is the lowest time you have to wait for the oven to heat up. And if you miss out and forget, the vibration on the device lets you know when it’s ready to use.

Isn’t that amazing? However, at the very end of a 10-minute session, the vapor quality drops just slightly, and the vaporizer gets hot. But that is something that can be experienced with small vaporizers anyway.

The mouthpiece and the oven are both placed on the opposite ends of the vaporizer. That means it has a long, clear vapor path that allows the vapor to cool down.

Build Materials:

The oven is made of stainless steel and cleans really easily. The build material for the whole device is aluminum and is very sturdy. For heating, the herb Pax 3 utilizes the thin, non-ceramic film heater that is attached to the oven.

It doesn’t intersect with the vapor path, allowing the vapor to remain cool. Naturally, Pax uses all the medical-grade materials for its vaporizers. The mouthpiece is made of silicon and feels easy on the lip.


The exterior of the vape is made with anodized aluminum with a high-quality matte finish. Meaning that it can be placed in a pocket or a purse, and the minor scratches and dents will not be as visible on the device.

Furthermore, the device doesn’t use any breakable materials like glass, and all the hinges are firmly set on the vape, allowing for it to be durable.

Mobile application compatibility:

The Pax 3 has a Bluetooth-compatible application. You can use the application to set a variety of features and settings for your device. The best part is the temperature management. Now, you don’t have to click buttons on the device to tweak the temperature constantly; this can now be done using the app.

The configuration options on the device allow you to configure the haptic response along with the games, locking the device, and, of course, how can we forget the temperature? All of this can be done using just the app. And there are many other exciting features that the app unlocks.

4 heating modes:

With the app, you can unlock the 4 heating modes. Instead of setting the temperature yourself for each session, you can make use of the modes to start with a preset temperature setting. The heating modes are as follows:

  • Boost: provides longer and stronger sessions by limiting auto cooling
  • Efficiency: depending on the length of the session, the temperature is increased automatically
  • Stealth: this allows you to exhale un-noticed and the temperature is low, with cooling
  • Flavor: uses lip sensing to amp up temperature when you draw; otherwise, it maintains a low temperature


The Pax 3 comes with a 10-year warranty that is unmatched by the whole vaping industry. The warranty covers any kind of manufacturing defaults and takes good care of its customers.

Easy to clean:

Cleaning the Pax 3 is super easy as all you need to do is clean the three main parts: the mouthpiece, oven, and vapor path. For this, you will need the cleaning accessories provided in the kit and some alcohol wipes. But the cleaning process is plain and simple. To clean it, soak the mouthpiece, screens, and oven lid in alcohol and then use the cleaning utensil to clean the vapor path.

Remove and dry the screen, mouthpiece, and oven lid. And reassemble it. Turn it on so that residue alcohol vaporizes, and you can start your vaping session quickly.

Should You buy a Pax 3 vaporizer?

The Pax 3 truly packs a punch with haptic feedback and is a clean, sturdy device. All you need to do is download the app or use it without the app. It works well either way. Charging and battery life are excellent and will last you a long time. The device itself is discreet and can be placed in any pocket or purse.

With all this, you have two choices: the Complete Kit or the Basic Kit. And both seem to be reasonably priced, considering the market benchmark and the Pax 3 service offering. Hence, if you are looking for an on-the-go vaporizer, then the Pax 3 is perfect for you.

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