Pax Plus Vs Pax 3

Pax Labs has consistently been a leading player in the world of portable vaporizers, known for producing high-quality, reliable devices.

In this article, we will compare the Pax Plus, their newest offering launched in November 2022, and the Pax 3, a popular model released in January 2016. Both vaporizers offer various features and have earned praise for their performance and design.

We’ll delve into the details of each vaporizer, comparing them on various aspects such as design, material, heating method, temperature control, chamber, battery life, warranty, and accessories. By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of which product suits your needs better.

Pax Plus vs Pax 3 Comparison Table

FeaturePax PlusPax 3Winner
DesignCompact, discreetSleek, ergonomicPax Plus
MaterialMetal, siliconeAluminum, siliconPax 3
Heating MethodConductionConductionTie
Temperature Control4 levels, no precise controlPrecise and preset (dual)Pax 3
ChamberStainless steel, 0.5gr capacityStainless steel, 0.25gr capacityPax Plus
Battery Life2 hours, 3500mAh1.5 hours, 3500mAhPax Plus
Warranty10 years10 yearsTie
AccessoriesExtensive packageStandard packagePax Plus
Mobile AppNoYesPax 3

Key Takeaway

When comparing the Pax Plus and Pax 3, the newer one takes the lead in design, chamber size, and battery life. However, the Pax 3 offers precise temperature control and a mobile app for customization. Both devices share the same warranty and heating method, making the choice ultimately dependent on personal preferences and priorities.


The Pax Plus features a compact and discreet design, measuring 3.85 inches in height, 1.22 inches in width, and 0.86 inches in depth. It has a minimalist appearance with a single button for operation and no smartphone app. The device is available in various colors, allowing you to choose one that best fits your style.

On the other hand, the Pax 3 boasts a sleek, ergonomic design with a polished, anodized aluminum exterior. Its curved body and lightweight build make it comfortable to hold and use. Like the Pax Plus, it has a minimalist one-button design and offers a customizable mobile app for added functionality.

Winner: Pax Plus


The Pax Plus and Pax 3 are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and a premium feel. The Pax Plus has a metal body and a silicone mouthpiece, while the Pax 3 features an aluminum body and a silicon mouthpiece. The materials used in both devices are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring a long-lasting vaping experience.

Winner: Pax 3

Heating Method

Both vaporizers employ conduction as their heating method, which provides even heating and a consistent vaping experience. They also share similar heat-up times, taking around 20-30 seconds to reach the desired temperature.

Winner: Tie

Temperature Control

The Pax Plus offers four preset temperature settings, with no option for precise temperature control. The device relies on LED indicators for temperature information.

The Pax 3, on the other hand, provides precise and preset temperature control, with four preset settings and the option to further customize the temperature via the mobile app. It also uses LED indicators for temperature information.

Winner: Pax 3


The Pax Plus has a stainless steel oven with a 0.5-gram capacity, making it suitable for dry herbs and extracts. It comes with a magnetic oven lid and standard and half-pack oven lids and a concentrate insert.

The Pax 3 also has a stainless steel oven with a smaller capacity of 0.25 grams. It is compatible with dry herbs and extracts but may require more frequent refills due to its smaller chamber size.

Winner: Pax Plus

Battery Life

The Pax Plus boasts a 2-hour battery life with a 3500mAh internal battery. It takes 2-3 hours to charge the device using a magnetic charger fully.

The Pax 3, with the same 3500mAh battery capacity, has a slightly shorter battery life of 1.5 hours. It charges faster, taking only 1-2 hours via a Micro-USB charger.

Winner: Pax Plus


The Pax Plus and Pax 3 come with a 10-year warranty, reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in their products’ longevity and quality.

Winner: Tie


The Pax Plus package includes a variety of accessories such as flat and raised mouthpieces, standard and half-pack oven lids, a concentrate insert, a multi-tool, and a Pax maintenance kit, providing a comprehensive vaping experience.

The Pax 3 package, while still containing a good range of accessories, offers a more standard selection, including a magnetic charging dock and a USB charger.

Winner: Pax Plus

Mobile App

The Pax Plus does not have a mobile app for added customization and control. However, its simplicity and one-button operation may appeal to users who prefer a more straightforward vaping experience.

The Pax 3 has a customizable mobile app that allows you to adjust heating profiles, update firmware, and implement security features, providing more control over your vaping experience.

Winner: Pax 3


When comparing the Pax Plus and Pax 3, it’s evident that both vaporizers offer excellent performance, quality, and design. The Pax Plus has the advantage in design, chamber size, battery life, and accessories, making it a great choice for users who prioritize these features. The Pax 3 excels in material, precise temperature control, and the mobile app’s added functionality, making it a solid option for those who value customization and precise control.

Ultimately, the choice between the Pax Plus and Pax 3 comes down to your preferences and priorities. Both devices are high-quality, reliable options from a reputable manufacturer, ensuring that you’ll have a great vaping experience no matter which one you choose.

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