Davinci IQ2 vs Pax 3

When going into the portable vaporizers market, there are a lot of options to consider. We have selected the two best, and we want to compare them and analyze which is the better one.

Of course, everyone has different selection criteria, so we thought we might break it down for you. Which one has the specific features that you are looking for? So, let’s dive in.

Let’s start by comparing the specifications of both devices and seeing what they both have to offer. Then, we can analyze them both on their performance.

DaVinci IQ2 vs PAX 3 Comparison Table

FeaturesDavinci IQ2Pax 3
Price tag$275$275
Heating MethodConductionConduction
Oven MaterialCeramicStainless Steel
Maximum capacity0.3g (full)0.15g (half-pack)
Vapor Path materialCeramic Zirconia with silicone gasketStainless steel with silicone mouthpiece
BatteryRemovable 18650Non-removable 18650
Battery life70 minutes90 minutes
Charging time3.5 hours2 to 3 hours
Application supportYesYes
Heat up time60 seconds15 to 20 seconds
Ease of use (loading)YesYes
Draw resistanceAverageAbove average
Vapor productionExcellentAbove average
Vapor smoothnessVery GoodVery Good
Flavor profileAbove averageAbove average
Odor levelAverageAbove average
Works with concentratesNoKind of, yes
Precise temperature controlYesWith the app only
ManufacturerDavinci, ChinaPax Labs, China
Warranty10 years10 years
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DaVinci IQ2 vs PAX 3: Detailed Comparison

How do they work?

Both devices have their designs. One thing that is not common between the two is the placement of the buttons.

As the power button on the Pax 3 is placed on the top of the mouthpiece, whereas in the Davinci IQ2, the power button and other buttons are placed on the side of the device.

In the case of Davinci IQ2, you have to press the button 5 times quickly to turn it on. On the other hand, the Pax 3 button has to be pressed only once to turn the device on. How the loading works will be discussed later in the article.


For any portable device, it’s extremely important to sterilize the device because sometimes, during the manufacturing of the devices, some oils and residue material can be left inside.

Hence, when starting to use a portable device, first turn it on and let it heat up to a maximum temperature without any herb; once it reaches the maximum, let it sit until it turns off. Repeat this cycle a couple of times so that all the residue material is cleared off and doesn’t affect the taste of your herb.

Temperature settings:

Let’s start with Pax 3; it comes with preset temperatures that are known as the smart path. It has a petal design on the front of the device to denote the temperature setting it is on. It has 4 predetermined settings for the temperature.

However, there is a 5th one that can be controlled from the phone app; the phone application allows you to set the temperature at a precise setting that you prefer.

It further allows you to adjust the smart path and choose the temperatures. You can use the power button to choose the temperature setting that you want to use on your Pax 3. The preset temperatures that the device comes with are 360 degrees, 380 degrees, 400 degrees, and 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, on to the Davinci IQ2, which has two modes of heating: the smart path mode and the precision mode. Smart path mode consists of 4 preset temperatures in the device it offers 350 degrees, 370 degrees, 390 degrees, and 410 degrees Fahrenheit; each of these temperatures increases by 20 degrees throughout an 8-minute session.

This is an excellent feature for those who do not like to adjust their temperature every 2 minutes. The other mode is the precision mode, which offers precise temperature control up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

In order to activate the precision mode, you need to press the control or the power button once on the side of the device, and then you can adjust the temperature by pressing the up and down arrow.

Vapor Quality:

First, let’s start with Pax 3; the vapor quality of the Pax 3 is amazing, considering it comes with a conduction cooking method.

Most vapors out there these days have convection cooking, however, the cook on the herb in the Pax 3 is pretty even and delivers potent and delicious flavors.

This tiny, intuitive device senses the lack of motion and use and starts to cool down. It also heats up when your lips touch the mouthpiece, helping make the vapor more flavorful and potent. You can also add a mini bubbler on top of the mouthpiece to make your vapor cooler and smoother.

Moving on to the Davinci IQ2, there is a dial underneath the device that helps you choose the airflow setting that you like. The more closed it is, the denser your vapor will be. It provides a really clean vapor, and you can taste the herb throughout the hit.

Depending on your airflow setting, it can pump out a good amount of vapor, from dense to really thin clouds, but that all depends on your choice of airflow setting. With an even cook, adjustable airflow, and a long vapor path, there is a lot that this device offers.

Built quality:

Starting with the Pax 3, the materials used on the outside have been switched up to a glossier finish as opposed to the brushed aluminum effect in its predecessor.

On the inside, three main elements have received an upgrade: the airflow path, mouthpiece, and herb chamber.

Pax 3 now comes with a half-pack oven lid, allowing you to use fewer amounts of herbs to achieve the same desired results without using up all of your herbs in one go by filling it to the brim.

It also comes with a concentrate canister, which works well with both wax and concentrates. The stainless steel vapor path and a silicone mouthpiece allow your vapor to cool down before it reaches your lips.

The flower petal display on the device is easy and simple to understand. It helps keep the minimalism of the device intact and creates the best impact from a design standpoint.

Moving on to the Davinci IQ2, the built quality is excellent with a brushed aluminum finish, and it has a nice solid, sturdy feel to it, which is good to hold in hand.

Lids on both the top and the bottom of the device are magnetic and make it excellent to use, as it isn’t flimsy and works to pop out on its own. The stir tool has also been incorporated inside the top chamber of the device.

The Davinci IQ2 features a glass and zirconia air path that allows your vapor to cool down well before it reaches your mouth. The dial underneath the device to adjust the airflow has 5 settings, and it allows you to choose how dense you want your vapor to be.

They’ve also added a flavor chamber that can be used to carry extra herbs in the device if you ever run out. It can be done easily, and there are no issues with it. The flavor chamber can be removed from the device using the stir tool inside the top lid.

The LED on the device that displays the temperature or the smart path is also very good, but if you use precise temperature settings, it may strain your eyes.


The battery of the Pax 3 has been amped up, and for such a small device to have a 3500 mAh battery is pretty amazing. It also means it gives you longer and smoother sessions, and you do not have to worry about charging it very often.

It charges in 100 minutes, which is very quick, and fast charging allows you to take it on the go quickly. Also, the device comes with an 18650 battery that is not removable.

Now, the non-removable battery part may be a problem in some people’s opinion, but considering how quickly it charges and gives you 6 to 8, 10-minute long sessions is quite decent, if not the best.

The Davinci IQ2 also has an 18650 battery that can give you 6 to 8 sessions. However, in this device, the battery is removable, which makes it perfect.

If you do not want to waste time charging it, you can just plug in the spare battery and continue with your session. This device, however, takes a bit longer to charge, and by a bit, we mean a full charge will take up to 3.5 hours. Since it uses a micro USB charger, it takes longer to charge.

We hope that the manufacturers take the USB-C type chargers into notice and start incorporating them as they are a lot faster in charging devices and readily available. You can also try to find an 18650 battery charger that may improve the charging time.


The Pax 3 has the most minimalistic designs ever. It is small and easy to hold in the hand. It even comes with a small carrying bag that protects its glossy exterior from any scratches if it is in your purse, bag, or pocket, as it can fit into all of these very easily.

The discreetness offered by this device is impeccable, and you can easily steal a session or two on the go. The only problem with this device is the glossy finish, which can get fingerprints on it very easily, and if you are a neat freak, you will constantly find yourself cleaning the device.

The Davinci IQ2 is also very portable and has a very good hand feel. Since you can add an extra session in your ceramic chamber and one in the ceramic dry herb pod, this device is extremely well-designed for those who want to use it on the go.

Since the battery is removable, you can take an extra 18650 battery with you so that you do not have to wait for it to charge and can continue with your sessions on the go.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Cleaning the Pax 3 is not very easy, although the manufacturer has put a great deal of thought into packaging all the necessary cleaning tools into the kit. The best part is it doesn’t need cleaning that often. You can clean it after a couple of sessions.

However, the cleaning process is difficult, considering that the mouthpiece, vapor path, and oven all need to be cleaned separately.

Davinci IQ2 is seriously lacking in this department as all of the parts of the device have to be cleaned separately with isopropyl alcohol, and they take quite a while.

Along with that, some parts of the device need to be cleaned with a q tip or a cotton swab dipped into isopropyl alcohol. Not only that, but you may want to clean it after every session to ensure that your next session is flavorful and smooth.

PAX 3 vs DaVinci IQ2: Which one is best?

Both the Pax 3 and Davinci IQ2 are phenomenal devices. They both offer a dense and smooth vapor. Of course, both of them have some drawbacks, like charging time and non-removable batteries, but that is all up to your personal preference.

The airflow and vapor quality, along with the materials used to complement them, is exceptional. The built quality of both devices is amazing, and they have a decent finish.

The design is exquisite and discreet for those who do not want to flaunt their vaporizers publicly. The portability feature of both devices is evenly matched. So, when choosing to buy one of these two, think of what aspects of the device you favor the most.

Some people may enjoy the flavor profile options provided by the Pax 3, and some may want to be able to choose the airflow setting and may prefer the Davinci IQ2. Such little things will help you make the choice.

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