Volcano Hybrid Amazon

The Volcano Hybrid is the most polished version of the original Volcano and looks quite similar to its predecessors, the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit. 

The German business Storz and Bickel are well-known in the technical community. Everything on this gadget is well-constructed and designed to endure. 

The gadget no longer had any buttons, just a sleek touchscreen interface. You are now in command of both the air fan and the thermostat. You can utilize the unit’s new flexible whip attachment and traditional balloons.

The Volcano Hybrid has both the classic and digital versions’ greatest features that those users have come to love, making it the best of the Volcano series overall.

You will get a powerful dual-purpose device that reliably produces high-quality, delicious results. Taking into account the findings of our logical brain, Volcano Hybrid is a great option for those who have the means to spend. You could get more value from a purchase if you spend a little more.

Overall, Volcano Hybrid scored an 8.5 on the style scale. You can enjoy the same timeless style in various new configurations; this is a very adaptable design.

Volcano Hybrid Amazon

At the top of its class, the Hybrid vaporizer can be used either alone or in the company of others while smoking at home. It can be transported easily in a backpack, making it perfect for get-togethers of vapers with varying preferences. 

This is why there are balloons and whips included. The device’s adaptability and extras accessories make it an excellent choice for vapers of all stripes.

Volcano hybrid, this vape beast, is great for any collection because of its exceptional taste and vapor production. Its wide range of compatible accessories and the fact that it can be used with Android and iPhone make it next-level user-friendly.


  • It maximizes the effectiveness of your goods thanks to a superior hybrid heating system.
  • The temperature can be precisely adjusted and controlled with more ease 
  • The most flavorful vapor in the Volcano series and one of the best vaporizers.
  • It can be used with both balloons and the latest rotating whip.
  • The Hybrid’s detachable cord makes it convenient to transport to gatherings.
  • Modern, computerized, and simple to read!


  • The bowl (or chamber) is rather big and does use a substantial quantity of material.
  • Although user-friendly, some people still have trouble adapting to it.
  • There is a tendency for the vapor’s flavor to deteriorate toward the session’s finish.
  • One may decide that a balloon is superfluous after one learns how to utilize a whip.
  • Despite its portability, it is still one of the most substantial desktop vaporizers.
  • The device is pricey.

What comes in the box?

  • The core of the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
  • Extension Cord
  • Connector for EASY VALVE Balloons
  • A tube used for whipping
  • Filling Chamber
  • Balloon with EASY VALVE and MOUTHPIECE
  • Boundary Ring
  • Drip pad (about 28 x 4 mm)
  • Brush for cleaning
  • Consistent with a standard screen size (about 30 mm),
  • About 55 mm Herb Grinder
  • Air filter
  • Manual Booklet

Vaper Quality:

A vaporizer’s ability to create high-quality vapor is the primary criterion by which it should be judged. A vaporizer is mostly useful if it produces good vapor.

The vaporizer is made by the German company Storz & Bickel, the most reputable and well-known name in the business. This very effective device has a stainless steel shell and a medical-grade inner body.

The metal exterior is sturdy, long-lasting, and fashionable. Those who host many parties in their houses would benefit most from this gadget. Put this powerful vaporizer in the middle of your room and let your buddies have fun while you relax.

The vapor produced by the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is all that I could have hoped for and more. The prime quality of this vaporizer consistently impresses its users, whether they are using the balloons or the rotatable whip.

The new Hybrid’s heating technology thoroughly extracts flavorful THV and terpenes and does it in a manner that makes the vapor taste great throughout each session.

And since we all value excellence above quantity, having access to cool vapor is crucial to every one of us. Because the Hybrid generates both lovely and cool vape, users can relax and enjoy the delectable vapor without overheating.

If you vape at higher temperatures to produce more substantial clouds, you can always add a bubbler or water tool, which can be attached with a standard adapter.

Internal build quality:

This vaping device is a German creation. Germany has a stellar reputation as a provider of exported finished products. Volcano Hybrid vape is not an exception.

The design is straightforward, and replacement components shouldn’t be hard to come by. It’s a breeze to wipe off after use. The screen and vaporizing platform can be cleaned with a quick brushing. The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer includes a three-year guarantee in case of malfunction.

Dual functionality:

While there isn’t much to the vaping process, there are two options. I’m sure there’s some hybridizing factor. The first way is identical to previous models and entails placing the load in the chamber and activating the heat function.

After the vapors have been heated, you can connect the balloon extension and push the air button to fill the balloon with the vapors. Keep an eye on the vapor quality since a faulty balloon might lead to disaster (though it never happened).

The whip approach is the alternative. Anyone acquainted with Extreme Q will recognize this brand name immediately. Repeat the same steps for heating the gadget.

The whip extension must be fastened for this technique to work. You don’t need to hit the air button with the whip to get the vapors out of the chamber. While the balloon can store vapors for later use, the whip only releases them when needed.

Due to the difference in how much work is required for the drawings, the balloon approach is considered “automatic,” while the whip method is “manual.” Remember that the heating process is the same regardless of your technique. Thus the quality of the vapor will be the same.

Preheating Phase:

Commonly cited as a major drawback of this vaporizer is the length of time it takes to heat up. In the future, you may only want to wait up to two minutes for the first wave of steamy air.

It’s frustrating at first, but the vapors’ regularity, deliciousness, and pleasant aroma will soon have you forgetting about it. The time spent heating is rather long compared to alternatives on the market, although smoke accumulates slowly in the primary chamber.

Temperature range:

The Volcan Hybrid’s impressive temperature range is a source of much acclaim. Temperature options range from around 40 to about 230 degrees Celsius.

You can easily adjust the temperature using the plus and minus buttons. The ability to pick the precise level you need from a very large range is a fantastic addition.

The Hybrid Heating Approach:

Heating the herbs and concentrates with the Volcano Hybrid is accomplished via a combination of conduction and convection. Direct heating is used to warm the vapors at the beginning of the process.

After reaching the temperature that was set as the target, the direct heating is turned off, and the convection heating begins to function. The fact that the air button used a stream of hot air to force the vapors into the balloon proves that the heating method used was true convection.

Automatic Power Cutoff:

When the gadget is not used for a long time, you will discover an automatic cutoff mechanism that protects you from danger. Most vaporizers turn themselves off after 5 or 10 minutes of inactivity. Still, the Volcano Hybrid continues to operate until it eventually notices that you are not smoking, which may take up to 30 minutes, which means a longer vaping session.


The Volcano Hybrid functions as a hybrid and can be used for both purposes while under your command. The front of the Volcano Hybrid has a digital display, which provides a very accurate reading almost all the time.

Users can read the temperature at which the herbs are being cooked. The touchpad also allows users to change the temperature with ease. In addition, a mobile app will enable you to exercise control even while you are a bit far.

It connects to different Android phones using the Bluetooth connection function; however, users of iPhones cannot download this software since it is not accessible for that platform’s phones.


The Volcano Hybrid is a highly handy option, particularly compared to previous versions and those offered by other manufacturers. The whip attachment has a full 360-degree range of motion, which makes modifications very simple.

When loading the chamber, you will see more room to add flowers and herbs. Controllability is also straightforward and uncomplicated, thanks to the inclusion of both a touchpad and a mobile application. The power line length has increased to facilitate an easier installation than earlier versions.

Instructions for cleaning:

The procedure for cleaning is quite easy to understand. It is highly advised that the chamber be cleaned after each session to maintain the flavor of the subsequent session. It is possible to clean the chamber by using the cleaning brush included in the box.

It is impossible to clean the balloon and whip very well; therefore, it is best to get new ones once they have been used extensively. The balloon only lasts as long as the whip does its job.

Becoming brittle or opaque and unclean are symptoms that the airbag (balloon) is on its way to becoming unusable. However, you can soak the whip in plain water for a few hours to clean it.


The firm provides a guarantee that is valid for a term of three years. When you use this vaporizer, you won’t put yourself in harm’s way because of its feature. During this phase, it is possible to check for and rectify any severe production flaws.

Worth the price:

Customers often gripe about the company’s pricing. You’ll find testimonials that back up these assertions, but we think they need to be justified. 

In addition to two different ways to sketch, the program includes many useful extras. Because the manufacturer took great care to ensure the vaporizer was both sanitary and long-lasting, its high quality is reflected in its high price.

Safe to use:

When using this vaporizer, your safety is not at risk. Because it is made to medical standards, breathing in harmful substances is not dangerous. In addition to all of this, the device’s consistent vapor is a major selling point. Indeed, Lighter on the lungs.

First use:

Following initial setup and use, the gadget requires sterilization to ensure safe use. You must do this if you want your sessions to be bacteria- and virus-free. While the chamber is empty, press the heat button to choose the maximum temperature.

The containers and chamber can be cleaned with a quick push of the air button after 2 minutes of heating. You should do this often to ensure the vape is germ-free and working properly.

Regular function:

The vaporizer has to be placed on a steady surface, and then the chamber can be loaded with the desired herbs or flowers. Both sorts of loads are accommodated inside the chamber. You can load it lightly for a short session or heavily for a lengthy one.

You can seal the chamber, connect the switch to the wall, and activate the heating element. Use the touchscreen or an app on your mobile device to program the thermostat. About 2 minutes are needed to heat the filling adequately.

After that, you can begin vaping by connecting the balloon or whip extension. Using the balloon technique, inflate the airbag by pressing the air button.

Volcano Hybrid Amazon: Conclusion:

At the top of its class, the Hybrid vaporizer can be used either alone or in the company of others while smoking at home. It can be transported easily in a backpack, making it perfect for get-togethers of vapers with varying preferences.

This is why there are balloons and whips included. The device’s adaptability and extras accessories make it an excellent choice for vapers of all stripes.

Volcano hybrid, this vape beast, is great for any collection because of its exceptional taste and vapor production. Its wide range of compatible accessories and the fact that it can be used with Android and iPhone make it next-level user-friendly. 

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