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The Pax Era is the market’s most up-to-date portable oil vaporizer and storage device. This new pod vape gadget, designed by Pax Labs, is made of sturdy metal and comes in various colors.

Pods are interchangeable so you may use the Pax Era with concentrates, e-liquids, or dried herbs. If you’re considering purchasing a Pax Era Pro, read our review first, as it will detail the benefits and drawbacks of this new pod vape pen. (Stay tuned for more!)

When you inhale, the pod vaporizer immediately begins heating the oil, much like other similar devices. There is no power switch on these gadgets. Using the pod system, inhalation may begin as soon as the empty pod is discarded and a fresh one is inserted.

However, the software does provide a lot of capabilities and forces you to tweak aspects of the gadget that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Such as keeping an eye on the oil, the temperature, the pod’s authenticity, and other safety-related factors.

Pax Era Pro Amazon:

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new personal vaporizer. I’m sure you’ve heard of PAX. Furthermore, the pax pod is well-recognized for its premium dry herb vaporizers. They also have a selection of oil vape pens available.

The Pax Era vape pen is one example of this kind. It’s easy to see why considering how stylish it is and how many options there are for color. In recent months, the Pax Era pro has risen in popularity.

Consider this a viable choice. Let’s say you need something stealthy or compact. Its portability is matched by its speed (it takes just 15 seconds to heat up). This makes Pax Era pro an excellent choice when time is of the essence. Furthermore, it has a feature that no other vape on the market has. It’s a button-free vape.

Putting in a cartridge is as simple as tapping it into your gadget. Hence, there aren’t any switches or buttons. However, you never have to worry about recharging your Pax Era since you can do so while it is in use.

Although, you need to charge your device fully before venturing out. To use it again, you’ll need to recharge it. Yet there are many benefits to living in the pax period as well. Also, there are certain drawbacks to consider.

The lack of buttons was highlighted as a drawback; Pac-Era does not have a USB charger, which is a major drawback. If your charger stops functioning or malfunctions, you’ll need a new one. However, Pax Era is enjoyable as a whole.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Powerful hits
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Prefilled pods of the highest quality


  • App compatibility
  • Price
  • Limited access to the pod

Vapor Quality:

Product availability during the Pax Era pen is quite limited at the moment. Only e-cigarette pens are readily accessible. It may not be perfect, but its status as a top-tier vape pen more than makes up for any shortcomings.

Using a magnetic charging system and an anodized aluminum body, PAX has made a vape pen that is both fashionable and durable. It produces clouds of dense vapor with little effort. 

The PAX Era Pro is equipped with low-heat technology that eliminates the risk of getting a smoky or scorched taste in your mouth. Users of PAX Era pro have reported having a high-quality vaping experience with the device.

It’s hard to describe how relaxing and enjoyable the vapor feels. In particular, adding various cartridges and prefilled pods from which users can select and enjoy whatever flavor they like.

The PAX Era Pro comes with a variety of pods and cartridges. The greatest part is that the manufacturer has eliminated the need for the customer to make educated guesses about the temperature of the vapor.

Users of the PAX Era Pro merely need to clip in the fresh cartridge, and the device will automatically adjust to the temperature setting necessary for that pod.

Flexible Power Ability:

The interesting feature of the PAX Era Pro is that it has an inbuilt option that enables you to alter the cartridge or pod, and the device remembers the temperature settings for each cartridge. This is a fantastic addition since it provides more freedom of action while using the device.

This is a beneficial function if you want to replace the pods or cartridges regularly. The advantage of the app is that it allows you to customize the power and temperature to your preferences. This is an important function.

Build quality of vape:

PAX Era Pro’s reliability is unparalleled. PAX Era Pro is easy to use, and its feature is modern with a sophisticated appearance. The PAX Era Pro is infused with vivid, bright colors thanks to the anodization process and precision-machined zinc-aluminum alloy.

In addition, the Pax Era Pro comes in a rainbow of colors. In addition to its clip-on pod mechanism, sturdy construction, and minimal body design. If you like using oil in vaporizers, this is your gadget.

And when you include the ability to customize your vaping experience in the app, you’ve got something unmatched by any other oil-based pod system vaporizer we’ve tried. Additionally, the PAX Era Pro has haptic feedback as part of its range of features.

Battery Life:

The Pax era pro cartridge makes a commendable attempt to meet customer needs for a durable battery. More than 140 puffs can be gotten out of a single charge of a Pax Era pro battery, which is more than can be said for most e-cig manufacturers.

Additionally, you are forced to utilize their charger since neither a USB port nor a wall adapter charging capabilities is provided in your package. If you need a portable vaporizer,

The Pax Era Pro is a stride forward for oil vaporizers since it can be charged through USB-C. The new Pax Era Pro has a full charge time of 45 minutes and can deliver between 100 and 150 hits. A power bank is convenient for folks always looking for additional hits.


The PAX Era Pro is a powerful gadget. At less than 50 grams, the PAX Era pro is the lightest of the oil vaporizers. You can take it without anybody noticing, and it’s already a breeze to transport.

You may take the pods with you if you want, and they can last for as many as 150 puffs before needing to be replaced. That means the lightweight gadget is convenient to take about and can last for a few days with one pod.

Easy to use:

When you consider all of the fantastic options available from this portable vaporizer, you won’t find anything to complain about. In addition to the PAX Era Pro’s USB C-type charger, the devices also come with a convenient clip-in pod system that allows fast and easy recharging.

In addition, the gadget can hold a charge for a few days and provide between 100 and 150 puffs. Also, the vapor itself is of exceptional quality. This vaporizer has a few flaws.

This is the perfect device if you’re a fan of vape pens that use oil and want to experiment with various tastes. Flavors and temperatures can be customized and, in most scenarios, are set to correspond with the pods to provide a whole new experience. Incredibly high-quality vapor is produced as a result.


The Pax Era Pro doesn’t need much cleaning or upkeep. Being that you swap out the pod once it’s done and that it takes up very little space when in use. There is no chamber or other area that has to be cleaned. Extremely Reliable Vaporizer.

It’s possible to utilize concentrates with the PAX Era pro vaporizer, which is small, portable, and quiet. It’s so compact that you can carry it in your back pocket. It’s completely portable, and you can travel with it easily.

The days of sharing a bong or dab rig at social gatherings are over. Even if you’re on the run during your lunch break, you can utilize it to get a short boost. We consider it a top pick among Pax Era Pods Labs’ offerings for the reasons given. It has the same effect as smoking, exceptional excitement.

Heating System:

The Pax Era Pro can be drawn whenever you want it. When the user inhales, the gadget turns on and begins vaporizing the oil. The Pax Era Pro, however, can only vaporize pods that are compatible with it. Because of the device’s design, there is no way to use it with wax or dried herbs.

As a pocket-sized gadget, the Pax Era Pro Vaporizer is convenient to take wherever you go. It is just around 3 inches in height and 3 inches in width, making it compact and transportable. Pax Labs has gained a stellar reputation for its superior customer service.

Regarding battery-powered cannabis accessories, the New Era Pro Smart Vaporizer is the first to get UL certification for safety. This device is not only constructed to endure, but it also has a guarantee valid for a whole year.

The Pax Era Pro is a great option for anybody who enjoys vaping oil but prefers an easier-to-operate device due to its sleek design and comfortable feel. The Pax Era Pro vaporizer is a great option for those on a tight budget looking for a portable device that uses refillable pods or cartridges.

Is it worth the money?

When the Pax Era was ultimately made available to the public exactly two years ago was the last time we heard from Pax Labs. The Pax Era vape pen has been updated to the Pax Era Pro, which is currently available on the market. This new version is an enhancement over the previous Pax Era model.

As a sensible response to the tainted oil vape cartridges, whose response was spectacular across the USA, the companies have implemented PAXSmart pods into their products. The technology also comes with various other cutting-edge capabilities, like USB-C charging, vibration feedback, PodID, and plenty more.

Small vape, big hits:

The PAX Era Pro pods do not have any visible glass or plastic on them, the airflow has been increased, and it is impossible to clog. The dual-coil technology offers huge pulls and forceful impacts. Although the Era Pro features a dual air intake on both sides. For more substantial clouds, users should take their time while drawing it.

The minimum setting emits almost little visible vapor but imparts a powerful flavor, while the highest setting may be too intense for some people to use comfortably. Most people choose a temperature that falls in the center of the four possibilities.

Pods got cheaper than ever:

The PAX Era Pro builds on the success of the PAX Era, with the bonus of cheaper and more widely available pods. Though they are more costly than standard 510 threaded cartridges, the options have increased and are only improving.

When I first started vaping a year ago, there was only one dispensary in my city selling pods, and they were all the same price since cartridges were only available for medical use in Florida. I can purchase a variety of them just down the street now, and the ones that cost more are the best.

Pax Era Pro Amazon: Final Verdict

PodID provides complete transparency and pod safety data to safeguard your health, and the Era Pro is worth it compared to the Pax Era. It is rather pricey compared to other oil vaporizers, which is something to keep in mind. Even so, it was money well spent, and we expect it to survive for quite some time.

The ability to adapt to future USB-C standards is appreciated, as is the inclusion of useful extras like vibration feedback and enhanced ventilation. It’s the best option if you value security and performance equally, want to prepare for the future, want PodID, and so on. Connecting through Bluetooth allows for the display of the information above on your smartphone. It’s that simple.

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