Mighty Plus Amazon

After its first release, The Mighty has remained unrivaled. The Mighty Plus’s cutting-edge upgrades establish a new benchmark for superiority.

Users’ wait has been over as S&B has made major developments in their gadgets. On September 23rd, they launched the Mighty Plus with all the bugs ironed out.

The chamber and heating element have been upgraded for better vaping experiences and simplified operation.

The USB-C connector is the most intriguing addition. What can charge its battery in just an hour thanks to its supercharging process? Power up your Mighty Plus whenever and anywhere you choose. What a fantastic thing, wouldn’t you agree?

There was a 60-second reduction in preheating time. That means the Mighty+ can be heated and ready to use in just a minute. To say the least, that’s mind-boggling.

All the temperature adjustments can be made with the push of a button, and the controls for the included up/down preset super booster make fine-tuning your temperature a breeze.

Let’s go further into the Mighty+ Review. This is one beast we have no doubt you will adore. 

Mighty Plus Amazon

Certain gadgets are built to last, and the Mighty+ Vaporizer is one of them. Excellent vapor quality, along with an aromatic scent and rich taste, is among the advantages above. Because of how quickly it recharges, this Storz & Bickel product is more convenient to take with you than others.

You shouldn’t worry about the price since the value you get is excellent, and we’re willing to bet that all your friends will want to try a draw from your Mighty vape after seeing it in action. The name “Mighty+” must have some significance, after all.


  • There is no metallic aftertaste or flavor to the vapors.
  • All of the charging specifications are quite effective.
  • Reduced size, increased stability, and improved aesthetics characterize the revised design.
  • Each 15-degree increment now has its default setting.
  • If you’ve used a similar manufacturer’s vaporizer before, you’ll notice that this one heats up faster.
  • For 2 years, you can count on a guarantee that covers everything from faulty construction to faulty materials.


  • A metal frame would have a more elegant look than a plastic one.
  • Although just 60 seconds is needed for heating, it is still longer than other vaporizers.
  • No app support is available.
  • Only one setting is available, which is necessary for beginners.

What’s in the box?

When you buy Mighty+, you receive the whole set, including all the accessories you need to play with your friends or yourself.

  • 1 Mighty+ vape
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • Mini Coarse Screens (3 Pcs)
  • 2 pcs. A Mini Drip Pad
  • 3 pcs. Regular Display
  • 1 pc. Capsule for Dosage
  • 1 pc. Manual booklet
  • Individual USB-C cable one (USB type C and A)
  • Three Little Base Seal Rings, 

Build Quality of Mighty+:

When it comes to vaporizers, the Mighty+ is among the best. As the first dry herb vaporizer ever certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), you can rest certain that its electrical components, battery life, and safety features have all passed rigorous testing standards designed to ensure consumers are getting the safest goods possible.

The ergonomic ridges on the body and the high-grade material make the device feel secure in the hand. The convenient side power button allows instant on/off with a single touch.

The front of the gadget has a bright LED screen and additional controls, including up and down arrows. The gadget can be set down on a table while loaded or between hits,, thanks to the flip-out stand.

Finally, the ceramic lining of the improved bowl offers good conductivity and lowers wear and tear without increasing the danger of combustion.

Simple to load and use:

Some smokers of cannabis look down on vapes since they don’t provide the same experience as rolling their joints. The Mighty+ may not convert all purists, but its streamlined loading process will convince many.

First, to remove the cooling chamber from the top of the device, you must rotate it 90 degrees; the smooth gliding motion and flawlessly flat pieces make this operation pleasurable in and of itself.

Secondly, fill the bowl. A choice will be made when you’ve ground up your preferred strain. You can either utilize the dosage capsule included in the package or put your bud straight into the bowl.

With this compact metal canister, clean-up is a breeze. Furthermore, if you buy extra capsules, you can have all your hits ready for the day without fussing with your grinder. This function shines most brightly when traveling or trekking. Once you’re ready, reconnect the cooling unit and enjoy your session.

Simple to use:

Simply pressing the power button will start your session. The LED display can be shifted between Fahrenheit and Celsius by simultaneously using the +/- buttons. The temperature settings are quite flexible. The temperature range is from 40 degrees Celsius to 210 degrees Celsius.

To discover your perfect comfort zone, use the dials to shift the settings in the direction of your choice by 1°C. With such a high degree of precision, consumers can tailor their experience by focusing on certain cannabinoids and terpenes.

When you switch the vape back on, it will immediately heat to the temperature you had previously set, so there’s no need to memorize it. If you are at the end of your session, use Mighty+’s included enhancements. Super boost must be activated by tapping the power button three times.

This feature will raise the oven temperature by 27 degrees Celsius, allowing you to enjoy your flower fully by releasing all its cannabinoids and terpenes without wasting time fiddling with the temperature.

Though its name suggests otherwise, the Mighty+ can accommodate dry concentrates in addition to dry herbs. An additional option for home inhalation is to get a water pipe adapter and connect the vape to a glass rig for a more natural and hygienic experience.


The Mighty+ is an excellent travel buddy for when you’re out and about. It is not a vape pen, even though it is very portable. You won’t have any problems fitting it into the bigger pockets and smaller pouches on your backpack, but if you like to wear narrow pants, you could find yourself in a pickle.

It may not be the most compact portable vaporizer on the market, but its long battery life and lightning-fast heating-up time make up for its rather cumbersome body.

Battery life:

How dependable is the Mighty+ vaporizer, considering its portability? This powerful vaporizer can cover your herbal requirements for up to eight full sessions. This means you can use Mighty+ for 90 minutes without breaks.

If you’ve got this much energy, you can get high on a day trip to the beach. Even on camping expeditions, you can maintain your height with moderate usage of the gadget.

The Mighty+’s charging process is a little lengthier than competing models when using the standard cable and wall outlet. By connecting it to a computer or wall outlet with the included USB-C connection, you can charge it from empty to full in around three to four hours. However, a supercharger can shorten this time to about an hour.


When we look around at other products on the market, we need help finding something that comes close to the performance of Mighty+. The cannabinoids and terpenes are evaporated thanks to the device’s conduction and convection heating techniques steadily.

This hybrid system’s conduction component warms the herb near the edges, while the convection component permeates the bulk of the material and guarantees that no trichome is left untouched. The ceramic bowl does an excellent job of transmitting heat evenly and consistently generates large clouds of vapor that are smooth to the touch.

Cleaning process:

It is necessary to clean the gadget regularly to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and that each hit you take is as uncontaminated as possible. The technique to maintain your gadget in top working condition is simple.

Remove the mouthpiece and the blue O-ring and place each component in a container that was only half filled with rubbing alcohol. Let the pieces be left to soak for one hour. 

Put each part in its little container, fill it halfway with rubbing alcohol, and let it be there for an hour. Then use a dry cotton swab to clean the bowls inside for any left debris. After placing the components into the container, rinse them and set them aside to dry. After you have reassembled the vaporizer, you can begin using it again.

Cleaning timeframe:

Timeframes for cleaning your Mighty+ vaporizer are occasionally subjective. The chamber will become clogged if you turn the device off amid smoke. Once or twice weekly, cleaning of the chamber and other key components is recommended by the manufacturer.

You should remember to clean the device if the vapor quality or airflow through the chamber diminishes. To put it simply, you should adhere to this rule.

Why is it so good?

The Mighty plus is a favorite among vaporizer users for several good reasons. The taste of vapors, which is not affected by the change in temperature, is a major factor.

Today’s vaporizers often emit a strong metallic odor. The Mighty + vaporizer have a competitive dual heating technology that neutralizes odors in the vapor.

This vaporizer stands out from the crowd because of its long battery life, allowing continuous use for a couple of hours.

No need to worry about smell:

When utilizing the Mighty+ vaporizer, the odor is never a problem. You may smoke for as long as possible, and the fumes will still be pleasant. The twofold heating process is primarily responsible for the superior taste.

Herb placed in the heating chamber is first heated by conduction or direct contact with the heating element. A loss of flavor occurs if this process is repeated often.

After a time, the Mighty+ vaporizer switches to convection. For this technique, heated air is blown over the plants. You can avoid picking up metallic aftertaste by exposing your nose and mouth to this blast of hot air.

Safe to use while charging:

It is possible to continue using the Mighty+ vaporizer even while it is charging. This item will not hurt the device in any way, but vaping sessions will not let it charge even the device is being charged.

Regarding the general charging protocol, you should discharge the battery until it has less than 20 percent of its capacity before plugging it in to charge it up to one hundred.

100% safe to use:

You should prioritize safety and precautions while making a purchase. The Mighty+ is more reliable than its competitors.

Mighty+’s internal circuit is shielded by plastic insulation to prevent damage from excess heat and electricity. However, the mighty+ vaporizer also features an automatic shutoff option when you’ve left it idle for too long.

Not only will taking this measure keep you safe, but it will also cut down on waste. The Mighty+ vaporizer comes with a 2-year guarantee, protecting your investment.

Worth spending:

Even if it’s costly, the MIGHTY+ vape is a worthy investment. The best portable vaporizer to bring on long trips when charging an electric device is less likely, such as camping trips.

You can enjoy both herbal and concentrated vaping on the go. Every molecule of vapor produced is a particle that has been completely cooked and has a pleasant aroma. 

Mighty Plus Amazon: Conclusion:

Certain gadgets are built to last, and the Mighty+ Vaporizer is one of them. Excellent vapor quality, along with an aromatic scent and rich taste, is among the advantages above. Because of how quickly it recharges, this Storz & Bickel product is more convenient to take with you than others.

You shouldn’t worry about the price since the value you get is excellent, and we’re willing to bet that all your friends will want to try a draw from your Mighty vape after seeing it in action. The name “Mighty+” must have some significance, after all.

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