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The Healthy Rips ROGUE is a portable dry herb vaporizer that is an improvement based on a design that is already well-known. If you’re wondering why this gadget appears familiar, it’s because the ROGUE is an upgrade on a design that is already well-known.

The company Healthy Rips, located in Delaware, is well-known for building its “dry herb extraction devices,” as the company refers to them, all in the same box-shaped form, even though these devices range in size and have several different interior modifications.

To judge by their previous releases, Healthy Rips is a company that retains a devotion to continuous development, all while staying within the price range that falls in the middle of the pack.

The Fury Edge, which received widespread praise from reviewers, has been superseded by the Rogue, which comes in at just ten dollars higher than its predecessor. It features an enhanced temperature range of 280 degrees to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, a bigger session timer that can be adjusted, and a more powerful battery that has a capacity of 3000 mAH. The herb chamber has also been rebuilt to have a higher loading capacity.

Convection heating, haptic feedback, and a digital display that indicates both the temperature and the remaining battery life are still present and operational in this model. Similar to the Fury Edge, the Rogue comes with its own set of attachments designed to improve each user’s overall experience.

Healthy Rips Rogue Amazon


  • Battery life
  • Adaptable with accessories
  • Premium vapor.
  • Discreet


  • Didn’t pass through the charging certificate.

What does the Rouge box include?

  • RogueDevice
  • Glass vapor path mouthpiece
  • There’s a ‘Smell’ Cover to Keep the Bad Stuff Out!
  • Features an Additional O-Ring and Screen Kit
  • A USB-C Power Adapter
  • A pair of tweezers
  • Accessories to attach with glass
  • Brush for cleaning
  • Black glass mouthpiece attachment
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Manual booklet

Accessories and Kit:

In addition to the gadget itself, the Healthy Rips Rogue Kit also includes cleaning tools, spare screens, and O-rings. Furthermore, it has special extras like a silicone scent protective case to shield it from dirt and dust. The plastic mouthpiece is required for use.

A mouthpiece made of black glass is, in our view, the best material for this purpose. Glass’s neutrality helps preserve the vapor’s purity, while its extra length reduces the vapor’s temperature.

The black bent glass mouthpiece and the water pipe adapter can be attached to the accessory attachment. The diameter of this accessory attachment is identical to the one found on the Edge, allowing you to utilize all of your existing Edge accessories with your brand-new Rogue.

When you buy a Rogue, you can choose one of three complimentary add-ons—a bent mouthpiece, a water pipe adapter, or a Shred Grinder—randomly.

Vapor Quality:

Since the introduction of the Fury 2, several other portable hybrid herb vaporizers have appeared on the market. After Healthy Rips Fierce and Fury Edge, the Rogue is the next in a line of incremental enhancements showing the potential of portable dry herb vaporizers.

Depending on how high you turn the temperature, the Rogue produces vapor that is both flavorful and dense. Compared to the Fury Edge, the 13mm chamber size maximizes the vaporizer’s capability by accommodating more herbs.

Build Quality:

The Healthy Rips Rogue, like its predecessors, is outfitted with a Kirksite metal gadget covered in a matte rubberized covering. All the pleasant things: a comfortable grip, a satisfying feel, a low profile, and a stealthy design.

We have found Healthy Rips devices to be rather dependable, with problems and malfunctioning units occurring seldom.

O-rings, a protective cover, a glass mouthpiece, a standard mouthpiece, a cleaning kit, a user manual, a charger, and several other accessories are all included in the package. As a whole, it’s excellent, and we have no complaints, particularly given the low price.

Build and size:

Kirk site alloy is used in constructing the Rouge’s body, just as it is used in constructing the rest of Healthy Rips’ equipment. This material is famous for its tenacity and resistance to wear and tear.

Because The Edge dimensions of 89 millimeters by 51 millimeters by 25 millimeters, the difference in size between the two is almost indiscernible unless you compare them side by side.

This apparatus has dimensions of 93 millimeters by 58 millimeters by 30 millimeters. It weighs 190 grams and is so small that it can easily slip into a pocket.

It weighs 190 grams and is so small that it can easily slip into a pocket.  It has a wonderful feel in hand because of the smooth texture that resembles rubber, which also gives it a feeling of permanence.

Below the hood:

The diameter of the chamber is now 13 millimeters, which is an increase of 2 millimeters from the Edge. Even though it may not seem to be much on paper, this unit’s additional 2 mm of depth enables increased herb storage. As a result of the chamber’s capacity to hold around 0.225 grams of herb, you won’t need to refill it as often in the time between sessions.

In addition to the installation of the larger chamber, an upgraded heater made of stainless steel has also been put in place. The air path through the glass is the same, but a larger device will have a longer airflow, which will cool the vapor down more rapidly.


Important information, such as the device’s current temperature and remaining battery life, is shown on an eye-catching OLED screen that is positioned directly above the mouthpiece.

OLED panels are more brilliant than LED screens, can be viewed from any angle, and require less power, making them perfect for a portable vaporizer because of their small size and low profile.

The control panel of the Rouge comprises a firing button and a temperature toggle that can go either up or down. These buttons, which can be found on the side of the device opposite the mouthpiece, provide a pleasing “click” when pushed.

Temperature Flexibility:

From 280 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, you have various alternatives when selecting the acceptable temperature setting (138 to 221 degrees Celsius). If this is your first time doing anything like this, we recommend beginning at a temperature of around 190 degrees Celsius (375 degrees Fahrenheit) and working your way down or up from there.

We like using alternative herbs like sage and damiana, both of which perform better at lower settings than most vaporizers provide, so we are grateful for the wide selection of available options. The Healthy Rips Rogue is designed to function admirably throughout a broad temperature spectrum.

Heat-up time:

As soon as you turn on the Healthy Rips Rogue, it begins to heat up to the previous temperature you set. It takes around 20 seconds to achieve the target temperature. The fact that it is so much quicker than other devices in its price range makes the Rogue a very enticing option for everyone.

Draw resistance:

Some devices tend to generate a thick pull, like a milkshake. On the other hand, the draw on the Rogue is extremely simple to use and smooth, especially when the expanded glass mouthpiece is added and even more so when the glass mouthpiece is bent. Both of these modifications make the glass mouthpiece more flexible.


Although it is somewhat bigger than the Fury Edge, it weighs just around 189 grams and 6.7 ounces, making it very portable and easy to store in a pocket or a backpack without taking up too much space.

You will still feel it in your pocket, and you will be aware of the little chunk it makes, but it is in no way cumbersome or annoying to carry around.

How to use it:

The user interface of the Rogue is intuitive, and it is on par with that of other products in the same category. To begin using the device, repeatedly press the button labeled “power.” A tremor will occur just before the LCD illuminates with the most recently used temperature, and it will then begin heating to the temperature shown.

You can rotate the screen by pushing and holding the power button for three seconds. You can also choose a temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius by simultaneously pressing the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.

To get the most out of your Healthy Rips Rogue, fill it with ground-dry herbs and cram it in as tightly as possible. You can use the whole, unground plant if you want, but the results won’t be as excellent.


You can also buy matching dosage capsules that fit snugly into the chamber. In our opinion, they are fantastic, and they will forever alter the vaping landscape. It keeps things extremely tidy and reduces time spent on general upkeep.

They’ll wriggle about a little, but they’ll fit in the Rogue well. Those who have trouble with dexterity may also use the many third-party gadgets available on the market.

Auto Shutoff:

The auto-shutoff timer is a function only available on Rouge and does exactly what you would expect it to do: it turns down your device after a certain length of time has passed. The amount of time that must pass before the power is switched off automatically can be adjusted at any value between three and eight minutes.

After pressing and holding the power button and the + button until the menu for the feature displays, you can then use the dials to adjust the time to the appropriate interval. This will enable the function. Although it is incredibly useful in saving battery life, I recommend turning it off manually after each use.

Useful tip:

Since the Rogue can hold more flowers than the Edge, it’s tempting to stuff it to the gills every time you load it up. However, I think it’s best to have some space between the closest of your packs and the greatest density of your items.

A herb spoon is recommended to fill up the chamber for hassle-free loading. The effectiveness of convection devices depends on the availability of free space for the hot air to move, ensuring that the whole quantity of the herb is heated uniformly.

Easy to use:

The Healthy Rips Rogue is a wonderful pick since it allows for considerable flexibility in terms of temperature settings, session duration, and various add-ons without losing the simplicity of use. This makes it an ideal choice. The OLED screen plays a part in this.

This apparatus is simple to use for novices and seasoned users. It is also straightforward to clean; submerge the glass pieces and the mouthpiece unit in isopropyl alcohol for around 15 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. Needs to be spotless.


It’s not as discreet as other slimmer vapors, but with the prevalence of e-juice vapes these days, we don’t think anybody will notice. The matte black finish is understated and unassuming.

Unless you’re a magician, there’s no way to prevent the odor from developing when you use it in public. If you watch your surroundings and company, you should be OK.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Cleaning and maintaining the Rogue is easy if you have some ROGUE dosage capsules. The dosage capsules can be cleaned by placing them in a ziplock bag with some isopropyl alcohol and letting them rest for 5-10 minutes. You have to give them a quick rinse and let them out to dry.

Brush out any material that has settled into the Rogue chamber, and then use a q-tip dampened with isopropyl alcohol to clean the chamber thoroughly. Make sure you are holding the device upside down to avoid any liquids from entering the vapor path. REPEATEDLY, just a trace quantity is required.

O-rings make it simple to take out the screens. Screens can be cleaned or replaced with isopropyl alcohol, and O-rings can be washed in warm soapy water.

Put some ISO on a Q-tip and use it to wipe off the mouthpiece and the top of the chamber. About every ten bowls, you should give your Rogue vaporizer a thorough cleaning, and that’s pretty much it. Getting your hands on some ROGUE dose pills may significantly reduce the time you have to spend tidying up.

Cleaning Tip for ROGUE:

We recommend using the ROGUE Dosing Capsules or promptly emptying the chamber after use. This will prolong the life of your vaporizer by keeping the bowl and airway free of herb residue.


Healthy Rips provides a one-year warranty that covers replacements at no cost and a lifetime warranty that covers replacements at half the price. This warranty procedure is straightforward, which is why we like it so much.

Just a straightforward replacement if anything were to go wrong, and we have only heard positive things about the customer care provided by Healthy Rips.

Healthy Rips Rogue Amazon: Conclusion:

All in all, Healthy Rips has dropped numerous great goods in the previous few years, but the Rogue is the peak of their gadgets. The only real drawback to these vaporizers is that the batteries can’t be swapped out. However, the ROGUE’s long battery life and fast charge time make this configuration unnecessary in most cases.

The Healthy Rips Rogue is reasonably priced and performs better than similar devices. Its improvements over the Edge are noticeable, as are the increased output volume and improved taste quality. The only notable differences from its previous model are the longer battery life and higher oven capacity.

But if you need a brand-new gadget that you can rely on and that has a lot of functionality, the Rogue is a great choice. It has a tried-and-true construction that ensures longevity and quality and creates a vapor that is tasty, thick, and pure. It also comes with a variety of accessories that can be purchased separately.

To sum up, I believe the ROGUE is an excellent vaporizer for casual and regular users. Because of its spacious chamber, it is not only simple to use but also ideal for use in group sessions. You can purchase ROGUE dosage capsules to reduce the chamber size and provide a micro-dose for single-user sessions.

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