DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Amazon

DaVinci Tech’s goods have a stellar reputation for their ability to retain their original taste and their cutting-edge technology. By developing the DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Fiber, DaVinciVaporizer has taken things to the next level.

There is little difference between the DaVinci IQ2 Carbon and its predecessors in design or functionality. The manufacturer, however, made certain changes to the product’s functions and aesthetics to make it even more desirable.

The DaVinci IQ2C has a Type-C charging connector, improved performance, and a CleanTech behind the mouthpiece.

Since it is a limited edition product, you can tell it is a slightly modified version of previously released models. It’s a high-end gadget with all the bells and whistles you’d expect.

Davinci IQ2 Carbon Amazon: IQ2 Carbon on Amazon

davinci iq2 carbon on amazon

The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon is an advanced vape. This is an excellent option if you want a portable vaporizer that can handle flowers and concentrates. This is a fantastic buy because of its low price, long lifespan, and user-friendly design.

Despite its small size and mobility, this vaporizer is flexible and serves several purposes. The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon is a great option for folks who like vaping dry flowers on the move and are looking for a portable vape that doesn’t break the bank.

All naysayers may be convinced by the device’s massive, pleasurable and dense clouds. If you can purchase it and have extra batteries, your vaping experience will be much enhanced. 

What’s in the box?

  • One unit of DaVinci IQ2 Carbon vaporizer
  • One 18650 battery
  • One hydro tube
  • One dosage crusher
  • One holder for dosage pods
  • 6 packages of dosage pods in stainless steel
  • 9 organic cottons for extracts
  • One ceramic extractor disc
  • An engraved keyring with a poker tool is also included
  • One storage and charging case
  • One copy of the instruction booklet


  • Gorgeous minimal style
  • Vapor with a tantalizing flavor
  • Adaptable to both dry herbs and concentrates
  • 10 years warranty
  • Complete with a plethora of extras
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Highest level of portability


  • Pricey
  • Takes time to heat up 
  • Charge time is too slow
  • The flavoring chamber may be difficult to access.


It is suitable for use with any dried herb. There is compatibility with extracts, but because of this, we recommend doing it sparingly. A preferable alternative is to sandwich extract between the herbs. The temperature range is outside what is acceptable, yet the components do not suffer from any extract-related failures.

 3K Carbon Fiber body:

It’s brand-new, high-quality, and unlike anything else on the market. Carbon comes from its exterior being a genuine 3k weave of carbon fiber. 3k refers to the number of carbon filaments in one tow, precisely three thousand.

There’s a high degree of elegance and refinement to the feel. Superior insulation to a metallic exterior makes this a long-lasting substance. As a bonus, there are no rusting problems.

Compared to similar products on the market, this one is thinner and lighter (while maintaining appropriate durability). The dimensions are almost identical to IQ2. It’s narrow instead of compact. The IQ2’s thickness makes it easy to conceal it in a pocket.

Heating Chamber:

This zirconia chamber vaporizer ensures your herb is cooked evenly for the best possible experience. When zirconia is used as the material, the taste and smell of the vapors are well-kept.

Besides this, the chamber can only hold 0.5 grams of powder, which you can use when moving. It’s enough for typical everyday needs. Check DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Review

Heating time:

It takes around sixty seconds to create a batch. Thus the heating time is rather long for this method. This function is comparable to that of the IQ2 and the IQC vaporizers. One minute is an interminable time to wait when using a portable vape device.

However, the fact that the vapors are high quality makes the wait worthwhile. The quality exceeds that of other perfectly conduction-based vaporizers in its class.

Temperature Range:

The temperature range is quite broad, making it suitable for various applications. It begins at a temperature as low as 0 degrees Celsius and reaches a maximum temperature of 221 degrees Celsius. Aromatherapy is best practiced in environments with optimal moderate temperature intensities.

In addition, a temperature of 221 degrees is perfect for inhaling vaporized herbs, but there are better temperatures for smoking extracts. It is convenient to have a broad range since it prevents you from needing to purchase individual devices for each kind of material (due to irrelevant temperature intensities).

Adjustable Temperature:

It is equipped with temperature settings that are quite precise. Exploring all of the available choices is possible for people with more expertise. A pair of up and down buttons are located on the side of the gadget, and they can be used to adjust the level of intensity by an increment of +/-1.

Because the manufacturer has said that it is identical to the IQ2 vaporizer, smart routes are accessible so that users may experience more convenience. This is helpful for inexperienced users and offers ease for anybody who uses it, which is highly needed.


Any product manufactured by DaVinci Tech will never have a problem satisfying quality standards. A separate vapor stream has been created to maintain the temperature, flavor, and scent. In addition, the ceramic heating chamber allows heat to escape without causing the material to catch fire.

The chamber was constructed with uniform heating, ensuring the temperature remained stable. The vapors exhaled from the vaporizer provide a more pleasurable and less taxing experience for the lungs.

Easy to control:

The corporation has included a haptic feedback system, which means controlling DaVinci’s IQ is just as controllable as before. There is support for mobile apps, which ensures that the device can be handled conveniently.

On the front of the gadget is a grid you can use. It lends an air of sophistication to the design while also assisting in determining the level of intensity selected by the user. This grid displays precise data compared to other devices that use LED indicators to indicate status.

As noted before, three buttons are located on the side of the device. A power button on the gadget can be used to turn it on and off. The up and down adjustment buttons are quite helpful for making exact temperature adjustments. While holding the item in your hand, you can also adjust the settings.

Adjustable airflow:

The IQ2’s bottom lid has an airflow control dial that allows users to choose from four levels; the dial’s four holes correspond to each level. Increasing the number of holes from one to four will let a greater volume of air go through, which will change the flavor of the vapor produced.

By increasing the airflow, the air will go through the oven more quicker, resulting in a vapor that is colder and less dense. When the dial is turned to the left, and the airflow is decreased, the vapor will get warmer and denser.

Superb Construction:

Compared to the sandblasted metal of the original IQ, the brushed aluminum finish of the IQ2 is a noticeable improvement. The revamped coating improves the device’s use and highlights its premium construction.

The device’s top and bottom flip open with a latch to reveal the workings within. When opened from the base, a sleek funnel-shaped sink reveals itself, facilitating the effortless transfer of the herb from the cutting board to the oven.

Glass and ceramic combine to form a deep cylinder that serves as the oven’s main design feature. The battery, the flavor chamber, and a little pick tool are all accessible after you unlock the top clasp. Magnetic closures make it simple to open and shut both covers.

Davinci IQ2 Carbon Battery:

The IQ2 runs on a 18650 battery, which can be swapped out and provided in the package. The battery can withstand around an hour of continuous operation, which is not a very poor performance.

However, if you charge the battery while it is still within the device using the micro USB connector located on the device, it will take six hours to reach a fully charged state. The charge time may be reduced to three hours using an external charger.


DaVinci Tech’s vaporizers continue to have the same high manufacturing excellence that has been the company’s hallmark. The company’s 10-year warranty emphasizes this point.

This extended length of warranty coverage protects you financially. Your money is always at risk of being lost due to various problems with the product’s functioning and production but not with DaVinci.


It comes with a key ring that has a number on it that corresponds to the product. The corporation offers additional services and has nothing to do with how you normally vape.

However, it is rare given that the business said the key chain would only be included in the first one thousand units sold. Nevertheless, the corporation may offer this limited key chain as a standalone product.

Safe to use:

Utilizing the gadget in any way is completely risk-free. It features an insulated exterior that prevents the users from experiencing any discomfort while they are smoking. The bodies of the DaVinci Tech devices do not reach an unsafe temperature (even if the body is metallic).

In addition to this, there is zero possibility of combustion, which means that vaping will never lead to irritation in your lungs. Because it has an automatic shutdown mechanism, it protects you from any power risks and keeps you from wasting material.

Dual batteries:

The battery can be removed from the vaporizer, and it can be charged differently. To ensure that the user’s vaping session is never cut short, he can invest in a spare battery and keep it set to enjoy his vaporizer to its fullest potential wherever he goes.

Appropriate for everyone:

IQ2 can work well for any user. It’s easy enough for newbies to use yet flexible sufficient to entice seasoned pros with its many configuration settings.

Three modes are available on the DaVinci IQ2: Smart Path, Precision, and Boost. With Smart Path mode on, the vaping temperature will rise by 20 degrees throughout a session. There are four predefined Smart Paths to pick, or you can create your own.

In Precision mode, you can keep a single session’s selected temperature. However, by pushing and holding the power button, you can activate Boost mode and immediately increase the temperature to 430 degrees.


All naysayers may be convinced by the device’s massive, pleasurable and dense clouds. If you can purchase it and have extra batteries, your vaping experience will be much enhanced. 

It has something unique to offer buyers. The most important thing to buyers is how much value an item adds to their collection, not how useful it is. There are only a thousand vaporizers in stock, and the business is selling all of them. In addition, the IQ2 has a wide range of temperatures that you can set to suit your needs.

Carbon fiber was used to create a stronger body and is better at blocking noise than previous electronic gadgets, so the design is solid all around. Moreover, the vapor quality is excellent, and the battery statistics are practical for smokers.

Finding a product with robust features that outperform the value of flagship devices takes time and effort. DaVinci Tech is widely regarded as the go-to manufacturer for cutting-edge technology that also looks great.

All you need to think about before buying a vaporizer is how convenient and portable it is. This way, you may expand your product offering with something that stands out from the crowd.

DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Amazon: Final Verdict

The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon is a premium model of vaporizer. This model is an excellent option if you search for a portable vaporizer capable of vaping dry herbs and concentrates. This is an outstanding buy due to how simple it is to use, how long it will last, and how long the guarantee is.

Despite its ease of use and portability, this vaporizer offers many applications and is quite adaptable. If you want to vape dry flowers while you’re on the road, the DaVinci IQ2 Carbon is an excellent option since it’s one of the finest portable dry flower vapes on the market in terms of both price and quality.

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