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Have you ever tried the potency and convenience of a dry herb vaporizer? Now, this is exceptional! Let’s go further into the DaVinci IQ2 review and find out why it’s the best option available. 

DaVinci IQ2 stands out as the most talked-about option in today’s marketplace. Smokers favor DaVinci vaporizers over alternatives because of their refined appearance and design. The company has investigated the issuing route and made some minor adjustments.

Customers willing to spend any amount on premium vapors will find this the best option because of its ceramic inner and pure convection heating mechanism.

The oven’s LED temperature indication is a useful addition, and the app’s ability to regulate the oven’s temperature is a nice bonus. Depending on the selected setting, the airflow dial located on the base fully functions and may dramatically alter the device’s vapor-to-air ratio.

With this post, we’ll go over all the options available to you in the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer and help you make an informed buying decision. It is strongly advised that you carefully consider all the issues we shall address below before making a final decision on purchasing since they will all affect your use in some manner.

DaVinci IQ2 Amazon: IQ2 on Amazon

davinci iq2 on amazon

Everyone has their own opinion on what makes the ideal vape. What appeals to one purchaser may be less important to another. However, several features are favored by the vast majority of consumers. The Davinci IQ2’s sophisticated design incorporates a cutting-edge method that keeps all the taste and aroma intact.

As if the hardware weren’t enough to make vaping enjoyable, the 4 available modes also provide a variety of ways to use it. Smart Path technology automatically adjusts the temperature to maximize herb extraction. Compared to the IQC, this gadget offers superior flavor and airflow customization.

Pack your dried herb inside the chamber and light it up. You can adjust the airflow and draw resistance by turning a dial. A ceramic extract disc, organic cotton, and ceramic dosage pod rounds are included in the kit. Check DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Review

Moreover, the value is increased by including a mobile app and extra batteries. One of the greatest vaporizers available, it has features that appeal to a wide audience. The IQ2’s onboard temperature controls allow for customizability in terms of temperature.


  • Because of its chic design, you may feel confident bringing it to cocktail gatherings.
  • There is a 10-year guarantee for your purchase.
  • Overcooking is avoided due to the vapor path insulation.
  • The LED display and associated mobile app simplify operation.
  • You may extend your sessions by twice as long with the two batteries you have at your disposal.
  • The time needed to heat anything up is little.
  • The dosage control feature is quite impressive.
  • Cleaning this new model is a breeze compared to the old ones.


  • The duration of the battery’s power is inadequate.
  • The mouthpiece’s metal cover tends to come off.
  • Expected to be cleaned regularly.

What’s in the box?

  • The DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer
  • Extract disc made of ceramic and dosage pad
  • The extended and flat mouthpiece
  • Organic cotton pads and alcohol wipes
  • Organic cotton pads
  • Battery charger
  • Guidebook
  • A pick tool
  • Dosage pad

It’s simple to fill out the DAVINCI IQ2:

To start, I want to emphasize that using the IQ2 dry herb vaporizer is a piece of cake. It’s an amazingly user-friendly gadget. The bottom filling chamber’s design and finish make filling very simple.

All you have to do is tilt the grinder slightly over the base of the appliance (with little care, of course) and put the finely ground herb right into the oven.

There will be zero overflows, and a brush won’t even be necessary, a convenient function for a vaporizer that will be used mostly on the fly. However, adding concentrates and extracts to the IQ2 is a different kettle of fish altogether, as we will see.

Controlling the DaVinci IQ2 is simple:

The IQ2’s Smart Path mode, which has four predetermined temperature range programs that gradually increase the temperature as the session proceeds, continues the parade of user-friendliness after you turn on the device.

This helps to ensure that all of the active chemicals and terpenes present in the herb are thoroughly vaporized by ensuring that the herb is heated to the appropriate temperatures for each of its components’ specific boiling points. After waiting 30 seconds, u can begin inhaling the vapor. All you have to do is turn it on and go; no planning is required.

Prime quality builds with an elegant look:

The DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer is one of the few that can be considered a work of art both aesthetically and in terms of its functionality. The brushed aluminum exterior and updated color scheme offer this vaporizer a unique aesthetic.

However, physical attractiveness is meaningless if the individual’s character lacks depth. What matters is what’s on the inside, and the IQ2 is constructed entirely of high-grade components. Zirconia is used for both the vapor route and the “Pearl,” all metal is of food-safe quality, and the oven is lined with glass. Because of this, the IQ2’s interior is as stunning as its exterior.

Stop worrying and just let SMART PATH do the thinking for you:

The best part of the DaVinci IQ2 is that you can use it anywhere, with anybody, at any time, regardless of the temperature setting. What we mean when we say “peace of mind” is something that comes with IQ2 vape.

There is a lot of intelligence put into Smart Paths. DaVinci is fully capable of handling your needs. Thankfully, with a single button, you can choose between Smart Paths and fine-grained temperature management. In addition, it’s got an app that syncs up with Android phones as easily as the rest of IQ2’s features.

Warming Time

There aren’t many portable dry herb vaporizers as good as the DaVinci IQ2. This updated IQ is a compact and high-quality dry herb vaporizer.

The first pull from a heated Davinci IQ2 vape takes around 30 seconds. The best convection-heated vaporizers can provide a vaping time of this short length.

Heaters often need a significant amount of preheating time before they can effectively heat the air, and the flow rate must be high enough to allow the herbs to benefit from the increased temperature fully. The herbs in the DaVinci IQ2 portable dry herb vaporizer become burning hot promptly.

Quality of the Vapor:

When we talk about Davinci IQ2, you don’t need to be concerned about the product’s level of quality. The vapors that are created are continuous and have a high density. The chamber itself is built of 100% ceramic so that the flavor can be maintained while eliminating any trace of a metallic odor.

Additionally, since the DaVinci IQ2 does not use conduction heating, it is far less likely to suffer from taste impairment. The zirconia vapor route ensures that the flavor is preserved from the chamber to the mouthpiece.

Smart path:

Let’s begin with the characteristic of this gadget that commands the most attention first. The intelligent route incorporates autonomous working, in which the gadget chooses the optimal temperature range. This is accomplished by the gadget remembering the user’s prior vaping habits and adjusting the temperature to those patterns.


In addition to the choice for a preset-based smart route, this device offers an additional mode called precision that enables the user to explore the extensive range of temperature settings.


Call it a quiet mode for greater comprehension. When it is enabled, the LED light will be turned off. This function is used in settings with low ambient light levels, such as bars and gatherings.


Like the other smart vapes now available on the market, this gadget is equipped with a boost mode that generates thick and consistent vapor streams. During a party, the boost mode may produce enough for a group of smokers to satisfy their needs.

Various techniques and routes for heating:

Convection is the form of heating used in which the system circulates hot air around the chamber as it heats the space. This prevents the herbs from catching fire while they are being cooked.

Powered-Up Time:

The battery life of the Davinci IQ2 has been criticized for only lasting 90 minutes. Here are a few things to consider before deciding not to buy DaVinci IQ2 if you’re a frequent traveler, party animal, streamer, or chain smoker who often vapes away from home.

Since the sole convection heating technique is used and a mobile app is available for remote control, the battery life is significantly reduced. Because of this, the manufacturer has sacrificed battery life in favor of more impressive specifications, which is to be expected given the trade-off between convenience and other factors.

In addition, the business has designed the battery to be removable so that you may carry a spare in your pocket for even longer smoking sessions. The primary drawback is spending half a day charging the device; even with backup batteries, this process takes six hours.


The business has put a lot of resources into making this gadget programable. Users can analyze their use behavior by pairing it with a Bluetooth app that displays curves based on data collected from the device. In addition, the App can regulate the intensity of the LED lights, the temperature setting, the battery level, and the vibration settings.

However, if you choose not to use the remote, you can utilize straightforward physical controls. The chamber’s current temperature is shown on the LED panel, allowing for a fast evaluation of the situation.

Air dial for better airflow control:

Another reason the brand-new IQ2 has a (very tiny) advantage over the original IQ is that it now has control over the airflow thanks to the newly included Air Dial. This Air Dial not only provides you with more control over the draw resistance, but the additional airflow also enhances the flavor of the vapor and produces considerably thicker clouds.

Announcing the upgraded “PEARL” spacer:

When using a conductor vaporizer like the IQ2, it’s essential to compress the material tightly. This implies that a full oven will need a substantial amount of dried herbs. It’s excellent to have a large oven, particularly if you cook for a large group. However, a whole oven could be overkill if you’re a lone vaper.

DaVinci added a new IQ component, the Pearl, which was a brilliant solution to the issue. It had a zirconium knob at the bottom that could be twisted to lengthen the oven, thereby shrinking its interior space. That is, a way to fill the oven with less stuff without making it less effective.

The IQ2’s Pearl is an upgraded model that slides out even farther, cutting cooking space in the oven by half. The IQ2 may be used for “microdosing” if you want to vape alone.

Calculator and Dosage Monitor:

Knowing how much of a mind-altering chemical will enter your system during a vaping session so that you can modify your dose for the following time. Because of this, DaVinci included a new function, the Dosage Calculator, in both the IQ2 and its companion mobile app. A setting that keeps count of the number of hits you’ve taken and the number of active chemicals in each hit.

This method has a lot of potentials, but it requires precise knowledge of the concentrations of the many active compounds in your dried plant. If you are a resident of a nation with easy access to the accurate data you’ll need for this, you won’t have an issue. 

Durations on a single charge:

Among Davinci IQ2’s many problems is its short battery life, as mentioned in the article. The full charge time is around 6 hours. Users who like to recharge overnight will find their device less portable and inconvenient than before.

However, the situation changes drastically when the battery is discharged. Continuous, delicious smoke is available for up to 90 minutes. There’s no denying the high quality of the experience, but how long the battery lasts will be determined by the temperature settings and the regularity of the sessions. 

The good news is we have come to know that DaVinci has an improved chipset compared to the original IQ, which means you can now get a decent number of sessions out of the gadget. Amazing right?

Cleaning and Upkeep:

Because the smoke travels directly to your lungs, you must regularly clean your smoking equipment. Keep an eye out for contamination since it may quickly escalate into a difficult scenario.

The IQ2 has a couple of ceramic mouthpiece choices and an extract kit if you want to use concentrates. The extract kit streamlines indulging in your preferred concentrates, while the mouthpieces provide pure, tasty vapor.

Cleaning the oven after each use is strongly advised and is made easy with the brush included with the Davinci IQ2. Most of its parts disassemble so that you can clean it thoroughly once a week.


IQ2 is constructed with integrity. The manufacturer’s guarantee, which covers any manufacturing flaws, is a clear indicator of the product’s high level of craftsmanship. The Davinci IQ2 comes with a generous extended warranty that lasts for 10 years and guarantees either a product replacement or a full refund.

How Secure Is DaVinci IQ2?

To prevent any injuries from electrical current, the vaporizer has full insulation. The ceramic chamber works very well to minimize flavor loss and cross-contamination while smoking medicinal plants. In addition, the gadget can maintain peak quality down the zirconia tube and into your mouth.

Even the USB cord and power converter are high-quality additions. The company also supplies cleaning brushes and exchanges for maintaining a sanitary chamber and passageway.

Adjusting the airflow on the IQ2 makes the hits easier to inhale and produces vapor that is 50 percent cooler than that produced by competing portable vaporizers. The device can be programmed to alert the user when they have achieved their maximum dose for the session.

When you open the oven door, additional fresh air flows in and dilutes the vapor as the airflow is increased. Tighten the valve for warmer, denser vapor.

DaVinci IQ2 Amazon: Final Verdict

The new IQ2 has several improvements over its predecessor, making it a pleasure to use daily. DaVinci has addressed past complaints, and improved IQ’s already fantastic features because the company cares about its customers. 

The product’s portability is only one of several factors to consider before making a purchase. Most young people nowadays would rather have a sleek gadget that will turn heads at social gatherings; therefore, design is a major factor in determining demand. Although costly, the benefits are substantial. 

The DaVinci IQ2 is the most effective conduction vaporizer currently on the market. The user-replaceable batteries, all-glass vapor route, and innovative air-path adjuster named “air dial” are all features that consumers much like. While cheaper options may be available, you should choose quality above cost. In the end, we recommend giving this product a go.

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