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Boundless’ CFC Lite, the world’s smallest and most portable vaporizer, is fantastic and lives up to the high standards set by the company. It’s a dry herb vaporizer that’s user-friendly and inexpensive, perfect for first-timers.

Boundless Technology is a company that makes high-quality vaporizers. Many people know them for their cheap Terp Pen, but their new CFC Lite dry herb vaporizer is set to become a hit.

Boundless doesn’t skimp on quality to provide remarkably low prices for their range of dry herb and concentrate vaporizers. Instead, they are working to develop small, unobtrusive, and highly efficient gadgets.

Boundless prioritized the CFC Lite’s portability and low price while designing this vaporizer. At less than $70, the CFC Lite is significantly cheaper than other dry herb vaporizers. The cost of alternative vapors that are comparably sized and perform the same functions is much higher than that of CFC Lite.

The other Boundless Technology dry herb vaporizers cost anywhere from $90 to $200, making the CFC light the most cost-effective option. It’s as powerful and efficient as bigger vaporizers but much easier to carry about because of its smaller size.

CFC Lite Amazon


  • Discreet
  • Affordable
  • Disposable power source
  • Robust build
  • Faster heating


  • Limitless exposure to high temperature
  • Not the best airflow, but not bad, either
  • Mouthpiece gets hot

What does the box contain?

  • CFC Lite Vape
  • Stirring or packing tool
  • One USB Charging Cable
  • Five Oven Screens
  • One 18350 battery
  • Brush for cleaning
  • Five Extra Mouthpiece Screens
  • Manual

Newby friendly:

The CFC Lite can heat your flower to three different temperatures using conduction heating and a ceramic herb chamber.  If you’re starting with vaping, such terms will have no real meaning.

The genius of the CFC Lite vaporizer is that you don’t need to comprehend how it works to use it. The CFC Lite just requires that you finely ground your chosen flower and insert it in the ceramic basin.

A wonderful feature common among bigger portable vaporizers is the ability of this unit to stand upright on its own while you fill the bowl. At that point, the gadget can be controlled by pressing a single button.

To activate the CFC Lite, press the button five times; once to verify the battery life; and for three seconds, choose a new temperature. The vaporizer will vibrate, and the light indicator will become solid when it reaches the proper temperature.

The CFC Lite vaporizer has three distinct heating options. These predetermined temperatures correspond to a certain hue of light and can be either:

  • Blue = 385 degrees F
  • Green = 403 degrees F
  • Red = 421 degrees F

These three predetermined temperatures are a suitable starting point for beginning users. However, experienced vapers can prefer a wider variety of options.

With these temperatures, you can make some spectacular clouds, too. The CFC Lite is versatile enough to be enjoyed with short pulls and extended draws, regardless of how full the bowl is packed. The mouthpiece can be taken off the device whenever it needs to be cleaned, and it is designed for comfortable inhalation. All of these convenient functions fit into a device around the size of a palm.


Although smaller than other dry herb vaporizers, the CFC Lite’s big oven area was not compromised. The CFC Lite is a scaled-down version of the larger Boundless CFC 2.0, with only 4 inches in height and 1.25 inches in diameter. The compact size of the CFC lite makes it ideal for travel and convenient for stowing in a pocket, pocketbook, handbag, backpack, etc.

The CFC was intended to be simple; hence the gadget does not include a digital display. A colored light emanating from a side button indicates the current temperature and whether or not the item is on.

There is a hole for the air intake at the rear of the unit, and you should never cover it up since doing so might make the gadget seem congested when you pull on it.

You will find a Micro USB connector in the middle of one side of the CFC Lite vape. The mouthpiece protects the oven, and like the CFC 2.0, it’s simple to attach and remove. There’s enough space for up to.5 ounces of dry herb in the CFC lite’s full-size ceramic conduction oven.

The front-mounted LED on this vaporizer indicates three different temperature settings: 385 degrees Fahrenheit (196 degrees Celsius), 403 degrees Fahrenheit (206 degrees Celsius), and 421 degrees Fahrenheit (216 degrees Celsius).

Heating Chamber:

The CFC 2.0 has a large capacity of around half a gram in its ceramic heating chamber. That’s quite an achievement for a device as little and covert as a vaporizer. The ceramic heating chamber also has decent ventilation. Draw resistance was negligible even when full, allowing me to produce appreciable clouds without effort.

A thermostat is used to regulate the heating chamber so it can function at its most effective level. The precise heating system seemed as accurate as other precision temperature control devices. Once heated, ceramic is great at keeping things toasty within.

The size of the appliance prevents it from providing pure convection heating. Thus, a hybrid of conduction and convection is used instead. If the combo system’s heat is evenly distributed, we have no problem with it. We dislike having to stir a dish in the middle of a session. The CFC Lite is an effective vaporizer, evenly heating your herb without stirring.

Massive clouds from a little device:

The CFC Lite blows clouds that are on par with larger conduction vaporizers, which is our most crucial feature in a cheap vaporizer.

The full-sized oven is comparable to that of the bigger CFC 2.0, allowing you to load a third of a gram or more with ease while yet performing well with just a pinch. The taste is fine, but the clouds will stick in your mind.

The CFC Lite proves that Boundless can squeeze all of its trademark power into a compact form factor. It routinely and reliably outperforms its size without requiring the user to adopt unusual habits.

Get ready to go in 30 seconds:

The CFC Lite has a rapid heat-up time of around 30 to 40 seconds, depending on the battery life and temperature setting chosen. Even though it took a bit longer for the heat to penetrate the herbs in a conduction vape, we could see clouds on our second pull. We wouldn’t call it “on-demand vapor,” but a 30-second delay isn’t terrible.

Excellent Quality at a cheaper rate:

Here’s where things get exciting: at the cheapest rate, electric portable vapes of impressive quality should be within reach of almost any budget. When consumers try cheap vapes that skimp on quality, they are turned off the idea of vaping altogether. The CFC Lite eliminates the need for such devices by offering vapor production that is both affordable and pleasurable.

Conveniently compact:

The CFC Lite’s little size has made it the subject of much discussion since it is the smallest dry herb vaporizer that Boundless produces. The whole vaporizer can be carried in the palm of your hand since it measures less than four inches in height and only a hair wider than an inch. As a result, you can hide CFC Lite in your hand or your back pocket.

Yet inside those formidable four inches is a full-sized oven chamber that can accommodate as much as 0.4 grams of ground herb. The housing is made of tough plastic with ridges that help distribute heat and make it easy to grip. The complete unit can be held in one hand, is built from FDA-approved food-grade materials, and is safe to use.


The CFC Lite’s small form factor is partly because it uses a standard 18350 battery that can be removed and recharged. The 18350 battery is substantially smaller than the more common 18650 battery in bigger vaporizers.

But because the batteries in your CFC Lite can be charged either internally or with an external charger, it could be a good idea to pick up a few spares. The internal charging process takes around an hour, whereas using an external charger takes about 30 minutes.

On average, a completely charged battery will last for roughly four sessions. However, this may vary depending on the temperature you set the vaporizer too. Since this vaporizer does not support pass-through charging, it is recommended that you always keep at least one backup battery on hand. In any case, other than that, the package contains everything else you’ll need to get going.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Each CFC Lite comes with a 90-day battery guarantee and a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. Even though the vaporizer is only offered in one color, black, the color choice works well with the device’s stealthy design.

Cleaning the CFC Lite is a breeze. It has two screens—a mouthpiece and a chamber—that must be maintained. Use the cleaning brush on the chamber and mouthpiece every two sessions to remove any built-up residue. We suggest soaking the screens in isopropyl alcohol and wiping off the mouthpiece and chamber with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab around once for every 10 uses.

You can clean the outside of your CFC Lite with a damp cloth. To maintain your vaporizer in top shape between uses, brush out the chamber using the cleaning brush included in the package.

To get the finest outcomes:

The Boundless CFC Lite is similar to other conduction vaporizers, so it won’t take long to get accustomed to it. Although it was not designed for use with concentrates, we had productive sessions with anything from a dusting of crushed herbs to a full oven of entire flowers.

You can pack it tightly for quick puffs or loosely for calm, relaxing smokes. The mouthpiece snaps in place without much effort, however, detaching it should be done carefully. Inconveniently, the interior gasket might come free if you try to pry it off with too much force.

Suitable for everyone:

The CFC Lite’s affordable pricing allows it to attempt vaporizing without breaking the bank. It’s portable and convenient, with interchangeable batteries for heavy users. The CFC Lite is a fantastic introduction to the world of vapor for the uninitiated, and it’s also capable of holding its own as a portable alternative in the arsenal of more seasoned vapers.

CFC Lite Amazon: Conclusion

The CFC Lite, made by Boundless Technology, is a fantastic portable vapor for those who are always on the go. It’s small enough to stow away discreetly, but its vapor output is quite potent.

It’s easy to use, even for vaping newbies, with only one button and three preset heats. Furthermore, the price is far lower than the normal portable dry herb vaporizer, making it accessible to a wider audience. You won’t find a better portable herb vaporizer than the CFC Lite, which offers great value for its size, features, performance, and pricing.

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