Boundless Vexil Amazon

For young people who may not be able to buy the Boundless CFX Plus, Boundless has created the more budget-friendly Boundless Vixel. This handy vaporizer packs a lot of innovation into a small package and requires no training.

Even a first-time user may explore safely dried herbs thanks to the temperature range and adjustability. There is a straightforward, three-button control scheme.

This sturdy and stylish dry herb vaporizer can quickly and easily handle your cannabis or hemp, and it could do so while remaining within your budget.

The Vexil’s compact size and rapid charge time make it ideal for home and on the road. The Vexil is a fantastic option for both novices and aficionados due to its low price and intuitive design.

To ensure that all our visitors are aware of the value that can be obtained from buying the Boundless Vixel, we have compiled a full evaluation of the product.

Boundless Vexil Amazon

What’s Inside This Box?

  • Here are the parts that make up the Boundless Vixel bundle:
  • The Vexil Vaporizer
  • Two screens for the mouthpiece
  • A USB-C to Lightning adapter cable
  • A brush for cleaning
  • User Guide


  • Compact
  • A user-friendly tool that novices can master.
  • The speed and quality of the vapor production are without defects.
  • It uses a helical airflow design to disperse heat more efficiently.
  • The rapid filling is made possible by the USB-C charging connector.
  • This chamber can hold up to 0.5 grams of noncombustible material without igniting.
  • The session pause and insulated parts make it safer than comparable basic gadgets.


  • A limited temperature range.
  • Not compatible with oils and concentrates.
  • Experimenters will find it useless due to a lack of exact controls.


Because it fits in your pocket, the Vexil will not give the impression that you are carrying a fragile toy. It’s the perfect size for slipping into a pocket or a tiny handbag, and the shape and texture will remind you of your first mobile phone.

The Vexil’s magnetically connected detachable mouthpiece makes loading it a breeze. Underneath the mouthpiece is a large bowl containing up to 5 grams of dried herb.

Vexil’s innovative LED design depicts a flame whose color varies with the selected heat level. You can switch to a stealth mode that works in complete darkness. When the desired temperature is attained, the Vexil will vibrate to let you know.

Only dried herbs can be used with the Boundless Vixel. The construction of the chamber and other parts prevent its use with oils and concentrate.

Vapor Quality:

A small but unexpectedly potent conduction-based device, the all-ceramic chambers can store.5 grams of material. Typically, devices of this size can only store around 0.25g. You’ll have to spend more on herbs, but you may get more out of each extraction. The device has a large air inlet, which results in low draw resistance.

The Boundless Vixel measures 108 mm in width, 45 mm in height, and 20 mm in depth and weighs 154 grams. Because of its small form factor, it can easily be carried around.

To maintain a constant temperature, the settings work well. The vapor quality is also affected by how often the chamber is cleaned. Vapor quality increases as chamber cleanliness increases.

The magnetic closure ensures a secure and airtight seal. The vapors are kept chilled and flavorful by a spiral air channel. There are just two color options for this simple but powerful item: black and teal.

Build Quality:

The outside design is nothing short of sophisticated and fashionable. The manufacturer has unquestionably designed Vixel in a unique shape and succeeded in this area.

Zirconia ceramic is used in the mouthpiece to prevent your lips from being burned while inhaling vapors at high temperatures. It may not be the tiniest, but it is one of the thinnest, and it can easily be slipped into a pocket. The closest thing we can compare it to is a small, foldable flip phone.

The body is constructed out of anodized metal and has some glossy plastic parts that house the LED. This flaming flower logo conceals an LED display that shows battery life at startup and temperature settings. This function is useful; however, it takes up the full screen and makes the device seem bulky.

Manufacturing quality:

A magnetic mouthpiece protects the Zirconia cooling spiral in the Vexil. Because zirconia is a low-thermal-conductivity ceramic, in theory, this should help reduce the vapor’s temperature.

Unfortunately, elementary physics dictates that this can’t work in practice. The spiral’s poor heat conduction doesn’t make heat energy vanish; rather, it absorbs less heat when the energy flows to other parts of the mouthpiece, such as the plastic and your lips.

The whole body is constructed of aluminum, and the warmth is transferred to the lips and the user’s hand. Plastic or silicone, an insulator, cannot be placed in the center of the vapor chamber, which is why they are not ideal.

The vexil engineers know that the cooling coil isn’t doing its job. This may seem discouraging, but all it means is that the vapor you produce will be on the harsh side for a device of this price.

Heating chamber:

Zirconia ceramic is used in the heating element. This prevents the herbs from igniting even at very high temperatures. Additionally, most dry herb vaporizers have the innate tendency to emit a metallic odor.

But the Boundless Vixel has no metal to interfere with heating or evaporation. You can fit around half a gram of finely powdered dried herbs inside the chamber. Ideal for use on the road, you can load the chamber and continue your trip in comfort.

Heating Time:

As any experienced vaper knows, Boundless Vixel heats up quickly. Since conduction heating is the most efficient and rapid method for heating dried herbs, this gadget is ideal. It takes around 20 to 30 seconds for the zirconia chamber to heat up after being loaded with dried herbs.

Cooking Method:

The Boundless Vixel uses a pure conduction heating mechanism embedded within the device. Because the herb chamber is heated directly, this method is quite effective at vaporizing dried herbs.

Although conduction heating is often thought to cause combustion, the zirconia ceramic chamber prevents this from happening to dry herbs.

Temperature settings:

Even unskilled users can find the ideal heat for their herbs thanks to the Boundless Vixel’s four pre-set temperature settings. Keep in mind that the color of the flame emblem corresponds to one of the four intensity levels. The following are examples of these strengths:

  • Green = 192 degrees C
  • Purple = 204 degrees C
  • Blue = 212 degrees C
  • RED = 225 degrees C

Though it’s convenient for people to toggle temperatures with the flip of a button, advanced users don’t hold the gadget in high regard. The flexibility of smokers who have figured out the appropriate intensities for each dry herb is constrained by the lack of exact controls. In any case, the device’s general ease of use makes it a must-have.

Range of temperature:

The ideal smoking temperature for dry herbs is a matter of experimentation. For medicinal reasons, aromatherapy has led to a shift in the emphasis of dry herb vaporizer manufacturers toward devices that operate at lower temperatures.

The Boundless Vixel’s temperature range, which begins at 192 degrees and extends up to 225 degrees Celsius, is too wide to be ideal for aromatherapy. Some high-end vaporizers begin at temperatures considerably below 100 degrees Celsius.


Simply pressing any of the Boundless Vixel’s three buttons is required to function. To activate the gadget, you must press the power button five times. Using the up and down arrows, you may cycle between the four different temperature levels.

Stopping the heating process takes a three-second push of the power button, and starting it up again requires another three-second press. A stealth mode allows you to cook your herbs in complete darkness.

There is no corresponding app for mobile use. A built-in auto-shutoff mechanism is not present. Therefore, sessions must be explicitly paused. The Boundless Vixel vibrates once it reaches the selected temperature.

This user relies much too heavily on LED indicators for expression. Because it has a magnetic mouthpiece and the chamber is at the front and center, it is simple to load and empty. To avoid problems with the product’s quality, you should clean the chamber after every use.

Airflow Spiral Zirconia for Cooling:

The zirconia spiral cooling air path is another innovative design element of the Vexil. This compact spiral reduces the temperature of the vapor before it reaches you, making it more pleasant and less harsh on the lungs.

This airway can be cleaned without hassle, setting it apart from other vaporizers. For us, that’s a major benefit since a device’s performance improves with regular upkeep and repair.

Battery Timing:

Unfortunately, you can’t puff on the Boundless Vixel all day since it doesn’t have a powerful battery. The battery has a voltage of 3.7 volts and a capacity of 1800 mAh.

With this, you can get six sessions off a single battery charge. Using the charging connection for USB type C will allow the battery to be recharged in around forty-five minutes. Until the gadget is fully charged, you will have to wait since pass-through charging capability does not exist.


The Boundless Vixel is backed by an all-inclusive, three-year guarantee that comes with the device. However, the contract does not cover damage caused by the user’s carelessness or improper handling.

The battery comes with a 90-day guarantee, but you should use it consistently during the first three months to see whether there is a problem.

Easy to use:

According to us, the outstanding feature of this vaporizer is how straightforward it is to use. Because it is so simple to use, the user-friendliness of this vaporizer is one of our absolute favorite aspects of it.

  • The bowl can be accessed by first removing the magnetic mouthpiece.
  • First, remove the mouthpiece, which is magnetized, to access the bowl.
  • Put about.5 grams of medium ground herb into the bowl.
  • Remove the top and press the power button five times to turn on the Vexil. To restore its previous temperature, heating will start instantly.
  • You can choose between different settings using the up and down buttons on the device’s side.

While the Vexil vaporizer is heating up, the LED indications will blink. When the target temperature is reached, the Vexil will vibrate, and its LED indications will become solid rather than blinking. Bring the end to your lips and draw with a calm, steady hand.

Is it worth the money?

The boundless Vexil low budget makes it famous amongst youngsters and students on a tight budget. To put it another way, the money you spend will be well invested in a good ratio of value that offers a respectable amount for each function.

When put next to the cost, there is no glaring drawback. Everything from the vapor quality and construction to the battery and customization options to the interior is meticulously crafted to provide consumers with maximum satisfaction at a low cost.

Safe to use:

To some extent, the Boundless Vixel could be more secure than you imagine. With the zirconia ceramic mouthpiece, you won’t have to worry about burning your lips when drawing at high temperatures. The magnetic closure is another measure used to forestall any accidental release of contents.

After the heating process, the vapor is directed along a spiraling route to keep it at a constant, cold temperature. However, there is no built-in auto-shutoff function to minimize waste. Thanks to the insulated and sturdy body, you can handle it comfortably during your activities.

Can it be used while charging?

The Boundless Vixel does not have any built-in pass-through charging hardware. Smoking sessions can’t begin until the battery is fully charged.

Such technology is standard in current gadgets, but given the vaporizer’s low price, consumers will inevitably have to make sacrifices to make it work for them.

Boundless Vexil Amazon: Conclusion:

We have previously shown that the Boundless Vixel is a cost-effective and reasonable option. Although it lacks the heft of Boundless CFX, it still performs well.

The Boundless Vixel is very small for a gadget of such kind. Not only is it small and lightweight, but its construction is also sturdy enough to withstand frequent usage. The smooth and sophisticated exterior is ideal for formal occasions.

It’s simple to use, with only three buttons and four different intensity levels. An LED illuminates those settings to aid memorization, and the stealth mode guarantees satisfaction even after dark.

The Boundless Vixel is a capable gadget with a chamber that can hold up to 0.5 grams and a battery that can last for 6 sessions without needing to be recharged. It just takes 45 minutes to charge, so that you can do it while on the go. The fast heating time makes it ideal for on-the-go consumption.

Bear in mind that the cost of this device is far lower than that of similar products now available on the market. The Boundless Vixel accommodates all users, from novices to seasoned smokers who value portability. If this will be your first vaporizer, you should consider getting it.

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