Boundless CFX Plus Amazon

The Boundless CFX series is among the most well-known in the vaporizer community. You can purchase pens and several other helpful solutions from their websites, including those that are easy for you.

However, the Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer is the most up-to-date model to be included on the website. This latest iteration of the Boundless CFX Vaporizer represents a big leap forward compared to its predecessors.

Boosting battery life and making the product more portable are top priorities for the corporation. The user interface has also been improved to make it more engaging and refined than its predecessor.

The quality of construction and the aesthetics of the gadget have been consistent with the standards established by the company’s previous offerings. Because of its more manageable size, it is also simpler to carry.

The interior and controls have been upgraded for better use. This article will help you get a handle on all the relevant features offered to users, allowing you to make an informed buying decision.

After finishing this article, you will understand the Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer and what to anticipate. Read it, and you will fully understand everything pertinent to your situation.

Boundless CFX Plus Amazon


  • A modern, sleek style that you can carry in your pocket.
  • Upgraded picking instrument
  • Increased Screen Resolution and Enhanced User Interface
  • Zirconia airpath cooling, magnetic mouthpiece
  • Cheaper than other gadgets
  • Heavy, pure, and aromatic vapor


  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Concentrate vaping does not have a dose pod.
  • Compared to other handheld vaporizers, it’s smaller but still somewhat bulky.

What’s in the box?

  • One CFX+ Vaporizer
  • One brush for cleaning
  • One stirring Tool
  • One USB-C Cable
  • One manual booklet


Thanks to its compact design and robust capabilities, the new Boundless CFX Plus Vape is a welcome addition to the vaping community.

The aluminum alloy used to construct the body gives this vaporizer a more refined appearance than others on the market. Pure zirconia was used to make the mouthpiece so your lips wouldn’t melt under pressure.

The mouthpiece’s zirconia structure isn’t the only perk; it also has a magnetic connection and a modular design that helps ensure the chamber remains airtight.

Vapor Quality:

The vapor that the CFX generates is of very high quality. Overall, the CFX’s pulls were rather enjoyable; at 220 degrees Celsius, you can produce thick clouds of vapor, but their harshness will have you reaching for a glass of water.

The CFX allows for exact temperature customization, so each user should be able to discover their own “sweet spot” regarding the vapor’s consistency and taste. The airflow is somewhat reduced compared to the other high-end vapes, but it is still much more open than most other vaporizers on the market. This allows for huge, smooth draws.

The Boundless CFX Plus is equipped with a zirconia air path, which helps to guarantee that the vapor temperature is not increased due to excessive conduction while the vapors are in transit.

In addition, the ceramic heating chamber and precision temperature settings work together to guarantee that you do not experience even the slightest trace of a metallic smell or pungent quality when using the device for periods. The vapors are thick and well-cooked, much like those produced by any other top-tier portable vaporizer available today.


To analyze the other aspects, you first need to inquire about compatibility. It is a useful indicator of the chemicals that can be vaporized effectively in the heating chamber of a particular vaporizer.

When using the Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer, you can only inhale the vapor from dried herbs. When it comes to waxes and concentrates, no further support is available in the form of an absorption pad.

If smoking waxes is something you like, you should not purchase this equipment. On the other hand, this vaporizer offers exceptional value for those individuals who place the smoking of dry herbs above all other considerations.

Heating Method:

The tried-and-true method of conduction was used to carry out the heating process. The direct heat source below the ceramic chamber ensures that any dry herbs placed inside it will swiftly and uniformly heat up. The direct heat from the cooktop won’t be enough to cause the dry herbs in the ceramic chamber to catch fire.

Heating time:

The heating-up time is quick, much like the model before this one in this series. It should come as no surprise that conduction is often the most effective method for swiftly heating herbs.

Twenty to thirty seconds is all it takes for the Boundless CFX Plus to get your vapors ready to use (depending on the kind and quantity of the load).

Temperature Range:

People, in general, prefer a wider range of temperatures while vaporizing. On the other hand, the selection process for a vaporizer that can be used with dried herbs does not work in this way. Your choice of dry herb vaporizer should provide a good temperature range for aromatherapy and mild smoking.

This is something the Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer can provide for its users. The thermostat can reach a sweltering 220 degrees Celsius after beginning at a comfortable 32 degrees. In addition to this, four distinct intensities are predefined:

  • 192 degrees C
  • 204 degrees C
  • 212 degrees C
  • 220 degrees C

Temperature Setting:

Choosing between alternate heating and cooling settings is a source of frequent disagreement in households. Generally, seasoned smokers prefer vaporizers with customizable settings, while newcomers prefer those with predetermined profiles.

The CFX Plus Vaporizer, on the other hand, has a mix of exact and preset temperature settings. This is helpful since inexperienced and seasoned users tend to tinker with the settings.


The ceramic chamber of the Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer prevents the herbs from igniting while they are being vaporized. Since it is common knowledge that dry herbs are susceptible to combustion, having a ceramic chamber is an absolute need, particularly if you like inhaling vapor that has been intensely cooked.

Easy to use:

The user can experiment with a variety of control options. Initially, the device’s front has a large LCD screen as the primary interface.

A more engaging and elegant user experience results from the company’s efforts to enhance the interface. Those who want a streamlined experience can use the app’s mobile availability. The two-button controls are the most convenient feature.

To activate the gadget, hold down the up button while pressing the down button for three seconds. It’s possible to start the timer, pause it, or alter the parameters from this screen. The use of haptic feedback increases the device’s usefulness.

Several options have been added to the expanded menu of the Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer. The screen’s brightness is variable and can be adjusted at your discretion.

You may also choose between the Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature systems. The presets and the session length (which ranges from 2 minutes to 8 minutes) are customizable.

To top it all off, it remembers your previous heating preference, so you never have to adjust it again while smoking. Smart memory retention is a time and energy saver.

Perfect even for microdosing:

You can effectively microdose with the CFX+. The gadget warms up in about 30 seconds, so you can rapidly switch it on, inhale twice, and then turn it off again. Even if the room retains heat for a long time, the temperature drops rapidly enough to be unnoticeable.

One advantage of using a conduction vaporizer like this is that you don’t have to take lengthy, heavy hits to get the effects you would with a convection vape.

Heavy users probably won’t care about this, but individuals who want to microdose (particularly at work or while doing other vital things) must be able to do so reliably. Once you’re used to the CFX+ and your chosen material’s strength, you can reliably take a brief, repeated hit every time.

Battery Life:

If you’re a chronic smoker and going on a trip, the most important thing to consider is your vaporization device’s battery life. The Boundless CFX Plus isn’t the worst gadget out there, but its battery life also can’t compare to that of industry leaders.

The corporation needs to sacrifice something if it wants to provide superior features. However, when its battery life is evaluated, we find it a gadget that ranks above average.

Since the battery is built-in and non-removable, you won’t be able to bring a spare set along on your trip to the other side of the world. The battery life is sufficient for 10–12 sessions (around 6 minutes).

Compared to the Boundless CFX, the battery capacity has grown by 30%. The Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer features excellent charging characteristics, as the business has included a USB type C plug that can fully charge the device in only one hour.


Because of its novelty, the Boundless CFX Plus is unlikely to have been acquired by anybody in your immediate social circle. Having a guarantee in place is crucial in light of this. The manufacturer backs this product with a 3-year guarantee covering quality or workmanship concerns.

Safe to use:

Because of the attention to detail shown by the manufacturer throughout development, the CFX Plus Vaporizer is a trustworthy product. Zirconia is used in the mouthpiece to protect the user’s lips from the high temperatures of inhaled vapors.

A zirconia vapor channel maintains the purity and stability of the vapors and allows for exact temperature control. In contrast to other conduction vaporizers, this one doesn’t put as much strain on your lungs since there is no draw limitation. When the gadget detects that no one is using it after some time, it will automatically power off.

Worth your money:

The CFX Plus Vape’s pricing falls in the middle of the range for vaporizers of this quality. The many enticing extras justify the high cost. The controls’ excellent vapor production and user-friendliness are two of the most compelling selling factors.

The gadget is easy to use, produces tasty vapor, and has everything a first-time vape user seeking a conduction-style session might want.

Therefore, if you like the tighter draw that usually comes with a conduction vaporizer and are searching for a trustworthy gadget built by a business with an excellent track record of quality goods, you will likely be pleased with it.

It is a reasonably priced vaporizer that delivers what they say. This vaporizer is worth the price since it has a decent battery and a lot of useful functions.

Maintenance and Upkeep:

The cleaning frequency also depends on how often and much you use the device, but I’ve found that once a week is plenty to keep your gadget in tip-top shape. You can follow the following approach:

Disassemble:  The magnetic mouthpiece can be popped off, and the pieces separated.

Soak:  To remove dirt or dust from the components, clean them by immersing them in isopropyl alcohol.

Clean other equipment:  To get into those hard-to-reach places, like an oven, where grime collects over time, use a cotton swab dipped with isopropyl alcohol.

Get it dry/clean and put it together: Give it a quick wipe down, and it’ll be as good as new.

Boundless CFX Plus Amazon: Final Verdict

Many people assumed improving the Boundless CFX Vaporizer would be impossible, but they were wrong. The price-to-quality ratio of the Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer is over the roof.

Instead of assigning a large portion of the money to the brand, as is done by competing companies, Boundless Company emphasizes expanding the product’s feature set.

It produces the highest quality vapor and includes user-friendly settings. Compared to its predecessor, this design makes the user interface more engaging. An insulated and sealed multi-piece mouthpiece guarantees its safety.

The construction is sturdy and elegant. The ceramic chamber, impervious to flames, is complemented by the efficient heating mechanism of conduction. This way, the Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer can quickly generate high-quality vapors.

Due to the lengthy guarantee (three years!), it is a safe financial bet. The Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer is unusual because it offers premium functionality at a reasonable price.

Before making any choice, there are always a handful of crucial factors. Compared to similar devices, this one does not have a particularly lengthy or powerful battery life. Both the size and the weight are more than what the majority of people would want. Only dried herbs can be smoked due to incompatibility with concentrates.

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